Catering Flyer Template

Flyers and Brochures:

A flyer is a small printed document or piece of paper that acts a company brochure and is used to disseminate information about various products and services of the company. It is an easy and cost-effective method of distributing company messages to the target audience through mail or physical delivery.

Flyers are mostly part of the advertising and promotion activities of the company. Their costs are also recovered from the marketing budget. Whenever the business entity requires reaching out to its customers both existing and potential and want to send them some information, flyers can be developed. All the required information can be added to them in a systematic and well-defined manner and then distributed to the people.

Drafting a flyer is a difficult and complex task. Following are some of the guidelines that can be kept in mind:

  • First of all, you need to assess the requirements for making a flyer. What exactly are you trying to do? Advertising for products and services, informing people about a party or an event. For example, using a catering flyer template by a caterer to promote his restaurant business.
  • Once the needs and requirements are clarified, you must carefully draft a brief and precise text for the flyer. This should be interesting and informative with contact information for any further queries.
  • Design the flyer so that it is attractive and catches the attention of the potential viewers
  • For example, a catering flyer template would require having bright colors, food, dishes and some images that relate to the catering business.

This template is created using Microsoft Word with a beautiful combination of colors, fonts, and images. All the copy and images are easily editable. Anyone who knows how to use MS Word can easily modify this template.

Below is a preview of this template along with the download link.

MS Word Catering Flyer Template

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