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Science and technology have advanced and progresses a lot in the past few years. Some of the inventions that were only found in sci-fi fiction movies have now become part of the real world. But all this has been possible after years of efforts and continuous hard work by scientists and technology experts in various fields. One such very common and popular invention is the cellular phone.

Even two decades ago people could not think of using cell phones so commonly and frequently but today the world has become much addicted to this device that living without it seems impossible to some people. With the evolution of the cell phone into a smartphone, this usability has increased manifolds. Now the cell phone fulfills a lot more needs and requirements than just being a model for communicating with people.

Turn Off Cell Phone Reminder Flyer

Now that the cell phone has become an unavoidable device, it sometimes acts as a menace for people as well. Especially when attending meetings and conferences when a cell phone rings it can create a lot of disturbance. For this reason, many organizations paste a cell phone reminder flyer outside so that people turn off their mobile phones before entering.

There is a large number of meetings and conferences held in organizations on a routine basis. Sometimes these meetings are very formal and include participants from senior management who do not want any disturbances during their presentations and discussions. For this reason, there is a cell phone reminder flyer used to help people not to forget this issue.

Just like so many other professional flyer templates on this website, you can find this Turn off Cell phone Reminder Flyer template fully customizable and editable using MS Word.

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Memorial Day BBQ flyer

Different types of festivals and occasions are celebrated all over the world. The basis for celebrating these occasions is also different. Some are based on religious factors; some may be geographic while others may be ethnic. The ways and methods of celebrating these occasions are also different in different parts of the world. One such occasion that is celebrated on a National Level in the United States of America is Memorial Day.

What is Memorial Day?

This is a special day that is celebrated to remember the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives while serving the nation and the armed forces. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the entire United States and is celebrated with great enthusiasm by everyone. There is no specific date for this day, rather it is held on the last Monday in May every year. Initially, the day was devised to pay tribute to those soldiers who died in the American Civil war. But later on, this day was extended to military men and women who died in the line of fire for the Country.

Memorial Day BBQ

Different people have different styles of celebrating the Memorial Day holiday. One favorite event on this day that many Americans cherish is a BBQ lunch or dinner. They give out the Memorial Day BBQ Flyers to family and friends and enjoy their company with a scrumptious BBQ lunch. The Memorial Day BBQ flyer will contain all the relevant details of the event.

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