9+ Best House for Sale & Rent Flyer Templates to Help you Sell your Home

Selling the house at the price you want seems to be a difficult task and usually, people hire real estate agents to do the job. They charge a hefty fee and some even scam you. This might get you wondering if there is another way to sell the house without involving a real estate agent and get the price you want.  Well, the answer is yes! and we will explore all about it on this page. House for sale flyer is one effective instrument that house owners can use to sell their houses – and that too pretty quickly.

A Flyer is utilized by real estate companies for marketing and attracting potential buyers. It also helps them to promote their business. They don’t call everyone to ask if they are interested in buying the house or property. These people use such tools for advertising and marketing which helps them generate leads. Buyers come to them they don’t go to buyers.

So, instead of hiring a real estate agent to do this for you why not do it yourself and save your money? It is a very good advertising option that will get your house sold at the right price and you will be saved from the trouble of dealing with the real estate agent, scammers, and worrying about the loss.

Download House For Sale Flyers in MS Word Format


Download below many beautifully designed Flyer Design Templates, specifically designed for homeowners or people who are willing to sell or rent out their homes. All of these are designed with vectors and high-quality graphics with easy-to-use and easy-to-customize layouts. You can easily modify images with your original images, change the placeholder information and you will get an awesome, printable House for Sale Flyer.













#7 – House for Rent Flyer





What is a House for Sale flyer and what is its purpose?

A house for sale flyer is an A-4 size or a US Letter size paper that has all the information about the house written on it. It plays an important role in advertising the house for sale and attracting potential buyers. It helps get the word spread fast. It will also help to get as many potential customers as possible to your doorsteps. The more the buyers, the more the chances are of finding a buyer that will give you a good price for your house. 

What important information to include in it?

Making an attractive flyer is an important step in this whole process. If your flyer is attractive and has all the right information the buyer might be interested in, it will make him want to visit the property. Therefore, you must make a good flyer.  Some of the things to must include in it:

  • Highlight features of your house – what makes your house an all-rounder such as the area of the house in sq. ft., the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, guest bedrooms, or if it has a lawn, garage, pool, laundry room, walk-in closet, storage space, and include information about paint, floors, and ceilings, for example, hardwood floors or vaulted ceilings
  • The year it was built in
  • Mention information about the location of the house – if there are any sightseeing views from the house, or if it is close to a marketplace
  • Include the front picture of the house, and the pictures of the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen
  • Contact details of the seller and the complete address of the house
  • The price you are offering

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