12+ Premium Quality Free Rack Card Templates for MS Word

These are beautifully designed premium quality Rack Card Templates for MS word with both Front and Back Side designs. These templates are print-ready created with high-quality graphics.

#1 – For Any Business

Watch the video to see how to Modify this Rack Card in MS Word

#2 – For a Coffee Shop

#3 – For Digital Marketing

#4 – For Hair Stylist and Salon

#5 – For a Hotel

#6 – For House Cleaning & House Keeping Services

#7 – For Online Courses

Watch the video on Making of this Rack Card Template in MS Word

#8 – For Photographer / Photography Services

#9 – For a Real Estate Company

#10 – For a Beauty Salon or SPA

#11 – For Wedding Stores & Supplies

#12 – For a Weight Loss Clinic

What is a rack card?

A rack card is defined as a tool used for commercial advertisement by hotels, restaurants, businesses, and landmarks that enjoy notable foot traffic. A typical rack card is 4 by 9 inches in size.

Information to include in a rack card 

It is very good to make the best use f the rack cards. It should include at most your business name, contact number, and website if any. Rack cards are popular because they make it easy for the customer to reach their probable destination easily. An addition of a map of your location will make the rack card impressive.   

Uses of a rack card

The use of rack cards is present in every business. They have gained popularity in trade shows, showrooms as well as point of sale terminals. Rack cards have also become popular in the tourism industry.

Essentials to Include in a rack card

  • Use of graphics:
    A rack card must be colorfully designed with eye-catching images that immediately grab the attention of the reader. It should also include a headline that best describes your business.
  • Features you offer:
    The next step is to tell the customer about the product or service you are offering and also enlisting reasons why you are the best choice amongst others who offer the same service or product. What makes you the best or distinctive amongst others who are in the same business. Here offering a certain amount as a discount is also an impressive move by you.
  • Make a call:
    It is very important to tell the readers to follow up on your business once you realize that they are interested in your business. You can do so by offering them to visit your store or go to the business website and explore more from there about the business.
  • Business logo:
    The name of the business you are offering along with your contact number should be included. The logo of the business should also be designed in a way that attracts customers towards itself.

Other information to include on a rack card

  • Your business working hours
  • Contact number
  • Alternate contact number
  • Your specialty

Working hours:
Business working hours should be mentioned clearly. This would include the time of opening and closing of the business.

Contact/Phone Number:
A phone number should be mentioned if it is easily available to the customer.

Alternate contact number:
It is always good to provide your customer with an alternate contact number so that if in case any number is not working he may contact you on the other number. This helps in retaining customers.

Your specialty:
Your business specialty should be mentioned which helps attract customers. Rack cards play an important role when it comes to advertising commercially. They help gain customers easily and prove helpful for the business. AS suggestions are always welcomed you should always ask your client that what improvements he wants in your business so that you may offer him in a better and effective way.

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