5+ Beautiful Business Rack Card Templates for MS Word

It is a common sightseeing piece of paper similar to pamphlets and brochures placed at easily accessible and common areas such as reception desks, check-out areas, etc. at hotels, restaurants, stationery shops, and other businesses. These are known as “Business Rack Cards” and are one of the most commonly used means of promoting your business, introducing a new offer, announcing the opening of a new venture, or simply putting forward a new business feature.

Business rack cards are specifically famous for their ability to adjust all the necessary information and the related details in a short space. Also, these are very likely to easily catch the eyes of those visiting your business or store. The specialized layout and design of these are useful for a number of purposes and for introducing your business to the community and the potential customers.


Download Ready-made Rack Card Formats

Download below professionally designed, Ready-made rack card designs for Microsoft Word for Free of cost. All of these are designed with front and back sides at a size of 3.5″ x 8.5″.

#1 – Charity/NGO Format


#2 – Best for Corporate Events


#3 – Educational


#4 – House for Sale

Home for Sale Rack Card Template in MS Word

#5 – Best for Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency Rack Card format for MS Word

What things can make your business rack cards look impressive?

There are a few factors that can help you give a striking and professional outlook to your cards:

Keeping the text as brief and to the point as possible:

You might think of the text as an amazing way of expressing your ideas and thoughts. However, the fact that you might go overboard with the text may turn the readers off. Therefore, keeping it complete yet precise is a win-win for you.

A catchy heading:

We’re all aware of the importance of an enticing headline. Putting the right amount of stress on your top caption is very crucial for the vitality of your card.

Be very specific about who you’re targeting:

Adding customer-specific content and details can help you reach just the right audience.

Adding the information in an attractive bulleted manner:

Information added in a clustered form can be hard to read, therefore, bullet points are the most effective way of expressing your ideas. The customers can learn more in a lesser amount of time through these.

Taking help from graphics and imagery:

When nothing seems to help, images and graphics come to the rescue! They look interesting and easily comprehendible.

What information should be there on a rack card for setting your company apart from the rest?

  • Company logo
  • A precise wording of the service or product you are offering
  • Catchy attention-seeking phrases
  • Specialized incentives for the customers
  • Interesting, colorful, and useful photos
  • Tagline

What size are the business rack cards?

These cards are usually 4 X 9 and 3.5 X 8.5 inches in size. However, the size, shape, features, and other outlook-related features can be tailored as per your choice.

Business rack cards can come in handy whether you’re a small business or a bigger one. A well-orchestrated card will exhibit a lot about your ability to be careful about everything that might advertise your business. The look and the quality of what you put in there might make all the difference. You might add better and more customized options but don’t forget to keep cater your audience as much as possible!

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