Free Coloring Book Templates for Kids in MS Word

Kid’s Coloring book is one of the finest ways of refining a child’s motor skills and cognitive skills. Coloring within templates, structures, and constrained lines helps them get skilled and learn the concept of lines, figures, and shapes. There is no specific age for when your toddler or child must start coloring. As soon as he/she develops an interest in different colors, shades, and lines you can hand them a couple of pencils. All of us know that this is one of the best pastimes for children and kids love grabbing coloring books.

The biggest benefit of these books is that they give children the ability to differentiate between colors and associate the learned colors with their surroundings. The orange flower he colored in his/her coloring book will eventually help him/her recognize that an orange fruit is the same color.

If you like such books for your kid you don’t necessarily have to go search stationary stores. There are quite a lot of online templates composed of shapes and figures available at our website that can be downloaded, printed at home, bundled up, and given to your child. Voila, your child’s favorite activity book is ready!


Download Templates

Download pre-designed, professional, and printable coloring booklet formats designed in Microsoft Word. All of these are designed for A5 paper size (Half of A4 Paper).

12 Pages Frozen – Elsa & Anna Coloring Booklet


0-9 Counting Coloring Book Format for Pre-School Kids

Counting Coloring Book Format for Pre-School Kids in MS Word

Cars Coloring Book Template for Kids


How are online coloring books better than the physical ones available?

  • The biggest constraint related to the physical ones is their limited availability. The characters, figures, cartoons, and objects that your kid likes are not necessarily to be found in the coloring stalls books that you have access to. However, if you like keeping it really specific to maximize your child’s learning experience, you better take help from the online templates available at the website. Each of these designs are easy to find, download, and print. Creating a beautiful, customized color book for your child is as easy and fun as this. You might want to download a few additional adult figures for yourself too to enjoy with your kid.
  • If there’s an occasion coming up and you wish to create a book with characters precise for this event, then getting the online templates is the best option you would want to avail yourself of.
  • A few templates have both text and images combined that can help you access helpful and productive quotations and life sayings.
  • Online printed coloring templates can be downloaded from our page as individual pages for your child’s birthday party or a picnic where it will be very easy for you to keep the kids engaged. While you have a long journey to kill or are attending a ceremony a color book will keep the child sitting for a long time, that too in their favorite activity. These can also be given as party souvenirs together with a pack of color-pencils or crayons.

What steps are you to follow to prepare a coloring book for your child at home?

  1. You need to type the type of coloring book templates you are looking for
  2. Choose from the variety of templates that we have provided (figures, shapes, animals, characters, nature scenes, etc.)
  3. Download the ones you like, one by one
  4. Print them
  5. There you go, your child’s customized coloring book is ready! The kid will love it, for sure!

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