6+ Useful Outdoor Sign Templates for MS Word

No matter what the size or magnitude of the business you have, if you have a physical office building, you are always in need of conveying pieces of information to the people around you and those visiting you. How can this information be conveyed? Through oral communication, holding meetings, issuing circulars or memos, etc. However, one very widely used and highly effective means of creating awareness on a particular matter and letting everybody get conscious of the message you are trying to deliver is by using “outdoor business signs.”


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#1 – 24 Hours Video Surveillance


#2 – New Offers & 50% OFF Sale

New Offers & 50% Sale Business Outdoor Sign format for MS Word

#3 – Restricted Area – Get permission before entering

Restricted Area - Get permission before entering Outdoor Sign for Microsoft Word

#4 – COVID-19 Safety Measures

COVID-19 Safety Measures Outoor Sign - MS Word

#5 – We are open

We are open - Business Outdoor Sign Template for MS Word

#6 – Wide Range of Products Coming Soong

Wide Range of Products Coming Soong - Outdoor Business Sign Template

What are outdoor signs?

Just as the name depicts, outdoor signs are the ones that are needed by a business for “exterior” purposes and for putting various signs out there for the customers, the general public, and the employees to read. These can be used for displaying information related to the business advertisement, business rules, business SOPs, new deals and offers, timings of the business, nature, and type of the business, types of services provided, list of products available, etc. In addition, another important use of outdoor signs is to “warn” people about a number of things. Mostly, these are made with the help of professional designers and signage companies for advertisement and for meeting their business goals.

What are a few examples of outdoor business signs?

Outdoor business signs can be of many different kinds, a few of which are:

  • “The building has been secured with CCTV surveillance.”
  • “Please sanitize and wear a mask before entering.”
  • “Don’t forget to maintain a social distance with the others.”
  • “The store is now open.”
  • “Please use the hand sanitizing station.”
  • “New offers and 50% off on all items.”
  • “A wide range of new products, coming very soon.”
  • “Please take permission before entering.”
  • “We are coming back bigger and better.”
  • “Celebrate Christmas with us and your loved ones.”
  • “Please cooperate with the security staff.”

Types of outdoor business signs:

Outdoor signs can be put in many areas and parts of the business building for example the glass or wooden doors, the walls, the notice boards, the poles, the windows, etc.

Why are outdoor business signs useful?

  • The moment someone walks past your business, they will get a better and clearer idea of what the business is like. It will help create a better impression of you and make a better professional mark.
  • These are very cheap and easy to design. You can take help from a professional, an employee, or also choose from the online templates to get done with the designing in less than a minute! This is very likely to save you a few bucks.
  • There is a very huge variety of options that these are available in. You have a multitude of choices to make. These range in color, size, design, and the type and make it easier for you to come up with the best one.

Finally, it can be said that while many people are using traditional advertisement, exterior signage is a new, unique way of saying what you want to say in an effective manner!

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