5+ School Student Diary/Planner Templates for MS Word [Free .docx files]

Scheduling, organizing, and time management are tools all of us need for better life planning and smooth progression. Just like professionals and homemakers keep a track of activities they need to indulge in, students are required to stay close to the art of scheduling too. The teachers can also prove helpful in making students learn how to do that. Several tools can be used for this including the school diaries.

Kids have to align their homework, projects, class assignments, and weekend tasks, all of which can be made possible with the help of school diaries that show what needs to be done by what deadline.

Download Templates

We have got five awesome Student’s School Diary or Planner formats for you for MS Word that you can download from the links below. These are designed for A4 (Book Fold) and A5 sizes.

#1 – Class Notebook Diary/Planner


#2 – Student Class Assignment Diary Design


#3 – Student Daily Class Work Diary Format


Watch the video tutorial below to learn How to Design Student Classroom Diary/Planner in MS Word


#4 – Student Homework Diary/Planner


#5 – School Student’s Class Diary


How are student diaries designed?

Just like other scheduling and planning tools student diaries are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the school-going kids. These diaries aid them in planning and organizing their school work and other related activities.

Every student diary would contain a unique pattern that distinguishes them from the rest. The headings, sections, columns, and rows vary. The basic purpose of each is to manage their time better and increase their efficiency.

The homework to-do, activities to perform, projects to accomplish, and weekly assessments to complete are basic and most common headings in school diaries these days.

Most common sections in a daily school diary?

While there are various sections that you can add according to the need and nature of the school, there are certain sections in school diaries that are very commonly put everywhere. A few of these are:

  • A heading that defines the school diary. You might call it a student diary, a school planner, a study planner, and student homework guide, etc.
  • The homework lists
  • The list of activities to be performed every day
  • Weekly, and monthly activities to be performed
  • Separate schedules for each subject
  • List of upcoming monthly, bimonthly, or annual exams
  • List of arts activities to be performed and the materials needed
  • List of extracurricular and co-curricular activities that students can take part in, and so on.

How to make a school diary fun and not so boring for students?

Although the job of scheduling and task management can be done on simple, monotonous papers, it is evidently better to make it as fun as possible. This will help students keep their diaries and planners close to their hearts. Here are a few ideas for how you can make your diaries all the more playful for kids at school:

  • As cliché as it might sound, the importance of a strong diary title page cannot be neglected. A beautiful, colorful, and interesting cover page will instantly attract children’s attention. In addition, this makes it easier to arouse their curiosity in planning and scheduling.
  • The pages inside that cover basic everyday work planning need to be made as fun looking as possible too. There is no point in keeping them boring!
  • Children can be indulged in the planner by introducing activities like sticker pasting, cut and pasting, coloring, etc.

It can be easily said that the diaries we remember from our childhood are a mostly dull compilation of pages. You can however download our lively templates for yourself.

Helpful Video Tutorial

Watch the Video Tutorial below on How to Create a Notebook Name Card/Sticker in MS Word


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