Food & Restaurant Menu Templates for MS Word

On this Page: you can download 6 Ready-made, easy-to-customize Menu Templates designed with modern and nice layouts. All of these formats are designed with two sides (Front & Back) in Microsoft Word with high-quality graphics that make it very easy to print at any resolution.

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Download Food & Menu Templates in Microsoft Word Format

You can find some nicely designed, with beautiful colors and layouts, Menu templates in Microsoft Word for different Sizes from the links below. As you can see in the screenshots below, all of these templates are designed with both Front (Cover page) and Backside designs. Some of these templates are Designed for Letter size paper and others are designed for DL Size, Rack Styles.

A La Carte Menu Template Design


Fonts Used: Adobe Heiti Std R, , Calibri


Watch the video on the making of this Menu Card Template in Microsoft Word. This video can help you to learn that how easily you can create or modify this template yourself.

Video Source:

5 Pages Booklet Food Menu Template – (Food Menu Book)

This multi-page food menu book template, designed in Microsoft Word, consists of 5 pages. The first one is the cover page where you can add your Restaurant logo along with the address and contact information. The next page of this format is designed for Appetizer dishes. On this page, you can show the list of available dishes along with the dish name, a piece of brief information, and price. You can also show two of your most popular dishes on the right side along with their photos.

The next page in this Booklet is designed for Fast-food, Burgers, and Sandwiches. On this page, you can show the list of available dishes on top and at the bottom, show three of the best dishes for this category with their Photos. The next page is designed for the Special Dishes that your restaurant offers. On this page, you can show a photo of each dish listed here. It gives this page a special look.

The next and the last page of this template is designed for desserts. This page is also designed to show photos of each dessert you are offering along with its price and brief information. But the design of this page is different. The images and desserts are displayed in Left-Right, Left-Right style.

Real & Compiled View

5 Pages Booklet Food Menu Template for MS Word

Individual Pages View

5 Pages Booklet Food Menu Template for MS Word
5 Pages Booklet Food Menu Template for MS Word
5 Pages Booklet Food Menu Template for MS Word

Fonts Used: Adobe Gothic Std B, Calibri

Restaurant Menu Template for Grilled Food

Fonts Used: Bebas Neue, Calibri

Food & Beverage Menu Formats

Fonts Used: Bebas Neue, Calibri

Fast Food Menu Design in DL Size (Rack Card Style)

Fonts Used: Bebas Neue, Calibri

DL Size, Rack Card Style Menu

Fonts Used: Adobe Gothic Std B, Calibri

What is a menu?

It is defined as the list of available food at a particular place to order. The word menu came from the French phrase menu de repas, meaning a list of what is served at a meal.  It covers a wide variety of food offered to customers. It is basically designed for customer satisfaction. It must be designed very carefully keeping in mind what the outlet wants to serve its customers with. Menus are widely used by hotels and restaurants which help them serve their customer with dedication and good service.

Types of menus

There are two basic types of menus normally used by restaurants. They are differentiated on the basis of pricing and serving. It may either be

  • La carte
  • Table d hote

La carte menu

The la carte menu gives multiple choices to customers from which to choose. In this type, each dish is listed separately along with its specific price. One can easily choose the food of his choice from the wide variety of foods listed in this type of format.

Table d hote

Table d hote is basically a French phrase which means the “host’s table” This type of menu is limited with respect to the food being offered. Customers are given a limited choice of food from where they can choose to eat and moreover the price of each dish offered is fixed. The list of food available may vary from three meals to that of five meals each with a fixed price. As it is predefined, it may happen that the cutlery may be set on the table for the customer prior to eating.

Why a menu is organized?

  • Dishes must be separated from one another. Cold and warm dishes must be listed separately.
  •  Soups and seafood must be listed separately.
  • In each category of food, the lighter dishes are listed before the heavier or richer ones.
  •  Salads must be listed separately.
  •  If you offer a low-calorie food, then the food with low calories must be stated along with the number of calories it actually has.
  • If in case you offer some food which is made from ingredients which are grown organically, then the fact must be stated.
  •  Each and every dish offered must be listed clearly.
  • Any specialty or seasonal food must be listed and also the seasonal food must change with the change in season. 
  • Deserts must also be listed.

Importance of menus

The following points will highlight the importance of menus:

  • Satisfaction: Availability of menu helps gain customer satisfaction as the customer chooses for himself a dish to eat from the available list.
  • Pricing: You as an owner have set a specific price for specific dishes and all this is listed in your menu card. It helps achieve a desirable price at which one can sell its food.
  • Evaluation: Any remarks or comments are always welcome by the customer to help serve him in a better way.
  • Improvement: Customers who eat your food help you by telling you regarding any complaints they have about the food you serve them. This helps me improve the food quality and taste according to customer needs. Also, any addition by the customer can also be entertained.

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