10+ Free Rate/Price List Card Designs & Formats for MS Word

Businesses have certain set strategies and ways of carrying out their operations. The display of prices for the customers is one of those. It might look as simple as just putting the names of the products against their respective rates on a plain page. It, however, shouldn’t be this tasteless, or else would leave a bad impression of your business.

Creatively designed price lists that complement the nature of your business result in increased sales, and help you market better than before. You’ll see a change, for sure!

Rate lists also inform the customers about the service available and acquire new customers. It must, therefore, leave a professional impression for those seeing it for the first time.

Download Price List Templates

Download professionally designed Price/Rate List Card Designs and Formats for Microsoft for Bakery, Barber, Beauty Salon, cakes, cleaning Services, Grocery items, laundry & Dry Cleaning, Photography, Products, and Service. All of these are fully customizable and printable.

#1 – Bakery Items Design

Bakery Items Price Card Design for MS Word

#2 – Template for Barber Shop

Barber Shop Rate List Template for Microsoft Word

#3 – Beauty Salon Format

Beauty Salon Price List Format - MS Word

#4 – Design for Cakes for a Bakery

Cakes Price List Card Design for a Bakery - MS Word

#5 – Template for Cleaning Services

MS Word Price List Card Template for Cleaning Services

#6 – Laundry & Dry Cleaning Format

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Rate List Flyer Format for MS Word

#7 – Best for Photography Services

Best Photography Price List Design in Microsoft Word

Video Tutorial

Watch - How to design Rate List card for Photography Services in MS Word

#8 – Flyer-style Design for any type of Product

Printable Price List Flyer Design for any type of Product - MS Word

#9 – Customizable Service Rate List Template

Customizable Service Rate List Template for MS Word

#10 – Detailed Format with a long list of Grocery Items

Grocery Price List Format with a long list of Grocery Items - MS Word

What must be there on a price list?

A wide variety of things can be added to the price list besides the regular products and services that are provided. For businesses such as restaurants and beauty salons, the name of the services, their rates, the business logo, and special services and discounts can be added. However, this is NOT IT! Products can be divided into categories to make it easier for the customers to decide which price category they want to dig into.

A few important things to be added to a price list are:

  • Contact details of the business
  • Information about the period this rate list is valid for and mention the expiry date
  • Mention special groups or customers that have been provided special discounts
  • Terms and conditions related to the pricing, and addition of taxes and additional charges

How to create a rate list?

After the inception of your business, the creation of a price list is an integral part that would help you go clear with your services and products and what pricing category you have. This will make it easier for the people to decide if the charges you have for your business are in their reach or not.

Once you have decided to develop a rate list, you can use software or make use of the customizable templates available online. These can be tailored and tweaked as per your requirements. If you want to start from scratch, you can simply pop in a nice graphic background, start with a nice, sober outline, choose a suitable font, decide the color tones, and attach your business logo. Next would be to put in a proper list of products or services offered by you and provide their subsequent prices.

What to avoid in a price list?

A rate list is one of the items related to the business that must not be given any less importance. There are rules for making it look clean and organized, such as:

  • Avoiding clutter
  • Avoiding addition of every single thing: rather making categories
  • Going in a haphazard manner
  • Using uneven fonts
  • Cutting and omitting prices
  • Showing rates other than the original ones

Creating a price list that looks all organized is fine, however, it must not be too organized to look like a bunch of rows, columns, and words. Balance is the key!

Video Tutorial

Watch: How to Design Printable Restaurant Food Menu Card in MS Word

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