Free Flyer Templates for MS Word

On this Page: Download 5 professional yet Free Flyer Templates for MS Word including Business Event, Party Night, Online Courses, Home for Sale, and School Flyers.

In the old days, the only way to get your point across was to get people together at someplace and talk to them. Or one had to convey an important point or message to each one individually. Then the wheel of time changed and the man discovered new things in marketing. Flyers are one such discovery made by some of these marketing-minded people.

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What is a Flyer?

The word flyer literally means something flying. Therefore, in this sense, a flyer is a piece of paper or a document that carries with it a certain type of information and quickly reaches out to others. So, a flyer can be defined as a means of conveying a single page of quick and important information to the public. This information can be about a product, about a service, or about a special festival or function to which people are invited to attend or participate. In a flyer, some very important and selected information is written so that the reader can understand the real message at a glance.

Business Event Flyer Template

This flyer, which looks a bit business-oriented by its appearance, is specially designed for business events. If you are going to organize any kind of event or conference for your business then this business event flyer template can be your best partner in this task. Built with blocks of different sizes, this event flyer is very easy to modify. You can easily modify or update every part of this template, including vector images.

The special font used in this template is called Bebas Neue. You can download this font from any font’s website absolutely free and without any hassle.

Watch the Video on How to Modify or Design this Flyer

Holiday Party Night Flyer Template

If we have holidays and no party, the fun of the holidays is ruined. And if you plan or have a party during the holidays and your friends are not involved, then the fun of the party becomes bitter. So if there are holidays, parties and friends, then it becomes a complete and beautiful time of life. If you are planning a similar party during your holidays then this party event flyer template can be very helpful.

This beautifully designed party flyer template with the best combination of black and yellow is perfect for a night party. You can also put some pictures related to the party which will make the look of this party flyer even more beautiful. Also write down your party information such as party day, date and time, location and hostname, and your beautiful holiday party flyer is ready for you.

Online Courses Flyer Template

Ever since the world was digitized, everything that used to be in hard or offline form has shifted online. What was left has been filled by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the Covid-19 pandemic Lock Downs, in which educational institutions around the world were closed, online classes have been started in almost all institutions to provide education to their students.

In this way, online education has reached its peak nowadays. This online course flyer template is designed for you for the same purpose so that if you are also looking for a flyer to advertise the online courses of your institutions then this flyer template can complete your search for this purpose.

House For Sale Flyer Template

The hardest part about selling a home or property is telling others about it. There are many things that can be helpful, but the easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is to use a flyer to spread the word about your home sale. The best thing about this is that you can not only build this home for sale flyer yourself without the help of anyone else, but you can also send or spread it to people easily.

This House for Sale flyer template is designed to help you sell your home. This flyer template is very unique and different from others in terms of its design. This flyer presents a view of a house or building from its design which makes the viewer know at first sight that it is a flyer for the sale of a house. In this way, the interest of the reader increases and it is reviewed carefully and attentively that ultimately helps you make a good deal for yourself.

School Flyer Template

Watch the Video on Making of this Flyer

What is the size of a flyer?

Since the main purpose of a flyer is to spread information and for this purpose any information can be printed on any paper size according to the basic and core content. Based on this, we can say that the size of a flyer can be anything like a US letter size paper, A4 paper size, A5 paper size, A6 paper size, or a DL size. But the one size that is generally considered standard for a flyer in the US letter/A4 paper size.

What are flyers used for?

Flyers are normally used for one or all of the following:

  • To promote a special event or game.
  • To invite friends or relatives to a party or function.
  • To promote a particular product, service, or new business.
  • To convey certain information of public interest to the people.
  • To sell a house, shop, car, or any used or brand new item.
  • To get help from people in finding a lost item.
  • For a political campaign by a politician and a request to get votes from the people
  • Trainers to advertise their training and workshops.

What is the best and effective use of a flyer?

In today’s modern era, flyers are being used digitally in addition to the traditional methods. The following are some common uses of flyers.

  • Placing these flyers in easy-to-see places in your business area, offices, shops, or markets around you.
  • Distribute to students by standing outside a school, college, or university. Or post your flyer on a notice board with permission from the administration.
  • Distribute to people in a playground or stadium.
  • If you are starting a new business or product, attach a copy of this flyer to your existing customers with the invoice.
  • If a public event or function is taking place in the area around you, share the flyer with the people in it.
  • Distribute flyers from door to door in the area around you. You can also hire an employee for this job for a small fee.

In addition to these traditional methods, you can also use these flyers in electronic form with some digital methods, such as

  • Send this flyer via email to your existing customers or people on your contact list.
  • Share your flyer on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or anything else you use. You can also ask your friends to share your flyer with their social media accounts.
  • If you have a business website, place this flyer in a prominent place on that website.

 Do flyers still work?

Yes! Flyers are still used very effectively today. The main reason for this is to be cost-effective in making and promoting these flyers. You can easily download professionally pre-designed, absolutely free flyer templates and customize them to best fit your needs and preferences by changing the text, images, colors, etc. This task is so simple that anyone with average experience and knowledge of using Microsoft Word can do it in a matter of minutes. You can then print it on any easily available US letter or A4 size paper from any regular printer. This way your beautiful flyer is ready in just a few minutes and at a very low cost. You can easily use it to promote your business, product, services, or event.

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