Performance Report Formats for MS Word

A performance report is a document that reflects the performance of something. They are produced by government bodies for projects which are financed by public money to reveal that the money was spent rightly and usefully.

Key elements to include:

The key elements to be included in this report are:

  • Analysis of past performance: An analysis of the past performance must be presented, so that any weakness can be worked upon and any strength can be used more effectively.
  •  Changes declared: It requires disclosure of information regarding any change that has been approved by the authorities during the reporting period.
  • Risks Involved: It must declare for any present risks and issues involved in achieving desired performance.
  • Variance Analysis: The result of variance analysis must be presented.
  • Work completed: All the work tasks that have been completed during the reporting period must be declared upon.
  • Next slot of work: Any work task that has not been completed during the reporting period and is intended to be completed during the next reporting period must be mentioned.
  • Forecasted completion: The forecasted date of work completion must be mentioned therein.

Types of performance report:

  • Status
  • Progress
  • Forecasting
  • Trend
  • Variance
  • Earned value

Status report: As understood by the name, this discloses the current performance status. It declares that where the project stands with respect to performance.

Progress report: This type declares accomplishments since the last reporting time.

Forecasting report: The expected results on the basis of performance are drafted in the forecasting report. The level of performance in the future is determined.

Trend report: This provides a comparison of the current performance of the project with respect to the last of the same. The time duration for which the comparison is made tends to be the same.

Variance report:  This gives a comparison between the achieved and the expected performance of the project.

Earned value report: This gives an analysis of the scope and cost measures of the project using the earned value techniques in management.

Benefits of performance report: If we look at the benefits of this report we will get to know that they are many in numbers but to detail a few, we will start by organizing them.

The performance report benefits the stakeholders as it is mandatory for the government to publish the performance report as the law binds it to do so. On the basis of the report, one can hold people accountable for their acts as the current status of the report is communicated to all in order to detail them their invested money is being used well.

On the basis of which, people can shape their decisions on whether to finance the project in the future or not as decisions are made on the basis of provided pieces of evidence. it provides transparency with respect to each element of the project.

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