6+ Useful Project Report Templates

In a project report, we provide details of a project, and all of the measurements on the work performed and quantity, as well as the quality of the work, is explained along with the project completion status. This explains a bird?s eye view on the ongoing processes, workflow and assures the level of completion for the specifically defined time frame to the stakeholders.

Purpose of the Project Report:

  • To keep updated of all steps of the project and its processes.
  • To keep track of all the activities being held in the project, and to stay ahead in order to address all the issues which could occur during project completion.
  • If there occur any changes in the game plan then they need to keep the record and keep everyone on the same page in order to update them on changing the whole workflow.
  • To keep track of a team?s performance and efficiency throughout the project.

Key Factors:

Following are the key factors for writing a project report;

Project Status:

It is very important to provide an overview of that project without going into too many details. This overview helps stakeholders and the other person to get an idea of how the project is progressing without getting into nitty-gritty details.

Achievements vs Milestones:

There comes a comparison of actual achievements with the targeted ones. Where all the factors are discussed and analyzed deeply and then success ratio is extracted out of it that where do we stand at the moment and what are the milestones which are yet to be achieved.

Project Analysis:

Complete analysis of all the pros and cons with setbacks are discussed in the project status report wherein this analysis all the aspects are also explained which caused delays in the project deadlines or accelerated the workflow. It also includes the details of factors affecting project health and consistency throughout the whole period.

Risks and issues:

The report also contains all the risks and challenges that were faced while completing the whole project which caused delays in the work process. And all the issues faced throughout the tenure whether those issues were caused by internal stakeholders, team, or because of any external factor.


A complete overview of resource utilization is explained in the project resource that how many people were responsible to complete which part of the project and for how long. It also tells the workload distribution of the resources in the complete project and justifies the availability of resources for the current project.

Project Budget:

A complete budget of the project is explained and mentioned with a detailed breakdown according to every task and every activity. This budget keeps things transparent for the stakeholder as well and justifies workload. The stakeholder can question and ask for an explanation for any of the variables of the projects where the budget goes out of range for both parties.

Key to Successful Report:

  • Always mention the accomplishments of your co-workers.
  • Highlight their extraordinary work efforts where required.
  • Keep them motivated and excited by mentioning their presentation on the success of the project.
  • Craft and present report in a way that there shouldn?t be any access or overloading of information.

Project Final Report


Month End Project Status Report


Periodic Project Status Report


Project Status Report


General Project Report


Project Activity Report


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