7+ Best Audit Report Templates and Formats

An audit report is derived by a careful audit of a department, section, or any required field within the organization where a quality check is required. In an audit report, all the measures are analyzed and then final verdicts are quoted on the quality/ accuracy of the project or specific domain.

Types of Audits:

There are various types of audits which are discussed as follows;

1 – Financial Audit:

This is the most commonly used reporting structure that runs in almost every organization where the company’s financial reporting is done which includes a detailed description of all inflows and outflows of finances within the organization. Auditors track and check the balance in the finances and figure out the differences.

2 – Operational Audit:

This audit takes place when a team of auditors is formulated to make sure that all the operations are being dealt with equal opportunity for all the existing employees or not. And if there is any flaw in the assembling of operational tasks those are highlighted in this report.

3 – Compliance Audit:

Compliance audit takes care of overall company laws, rules and procedures. If they are been taken for granted then strict action is taken after the report generation. Auditors cover all the aspects of a report and cover all the compliance heads in this section from behavioral attributes to the main work ethics labeled with the labor laws.

4 – Investigative Audit:

This report is generated and asked by company heads for auditors to work on it when there is a severe breach of law on the organizational level or there is any doubt in the compliance, rules, and regulations of the organization then auditors are asked to investigate the matter with facts and then prepare a report on it.

Basic Purpose of Audit Reports:

The basic purpose of all audit reports is the following;

  • To provide non-conformities: Its basic and main goal is to analyze and occur where they find any violation or doubt in the compliance of the organization.
  •  Highlighting Positives: This report best explains and highlights all the positive aspects of any business, project or agenda and single them out of the crowd. It maximizes better outcomes of the hard work and explains how it can be increased with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Providing Opportunity for Improvement: These reports mainly workon all the weak areas of any project or the department for which report isbeing generated. Highlights set backs and enhances areas of improvement for theteam and a road map how we could minimize all of them with a little effort orby providing opportunities.


  • Outlining the audit report.
  • Jot down all the scope, purpose and methodologies.
  • Maintain all the auditing standards while writing an executive summary.
  • Mention the findings /recommendation section along with all the key points.
  • Be very sensitive about the words and understand the impact of every word mentioned in the report is based on critical and real-time analyzes and should be based on facts.
  • There shouldn’t be any fictional or hypothetical data.
  • Provide effectiverecommendations after deriving required flaws.

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