Readymade Business Report Templates for MS Word

On this Page: This page provides you with some very useful and handy business report templates that are very easy to modify in MS Word. These report templates are perfect for reporting on all types of activities for small and large businesses. All of these templates are provided with the sample data so that you can use them to easily create any such report for your business.

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Business Case Report for MS Word

Word Business Expense Report Template

Watch the video below to see how to modify or create this Business Expense Report in MS Word

Microsoft Word Business Feasibility Report Template

Business Grant Progress Report

Business Valuation Report Format

Sample Business Report Template

What is a business report?

A business report is defined as a step of evaluating a specific issue, combined circumstances, or financial operations that are related to the performance of a business. These reports are normally written in response to an executive of a company or organization.

Types of business reports?

Reports are considered an effective way of not only communicating or sharing information but also help retain important business decisions made. There are two types of business reports:

  • Formal Reports
  • Informal Reports

What to write in a business report?

A typical business report consists of the following:

  • The executive summary
  • Main body
  • Conclusions and recommendations

What is the first step in writing a business report?

The first step in writing a business report is determining the purpose for which the report is being written. Therefore, the writer of the report must have a clear vision in mind of the purpose for which he is to write the report.

What is a good business report?

A good business report must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Simple: A business report must be kept simple in order to avoid any confusion or complexities.
  • Clarity: The report must be very clear with respect to every aspect communicated through it.
  • Brief: A good business report should be brief and focus on the point.
  • Accurate facts and figures: The facts and figured stated in the report must be accurate and valid.
  • Grammatical error: A business report must be free of any grammatical errors as the presence of mistakes does not leave a good impression on the reader of the report.

How is a business report helpful?

A business report proves to be helpful whenever a company needs to make an informed decision. It helps guide the business leaders. A typical business report uses facts and research process to study data, analyze the business performance and provide recommendations for the future.

How to write a business report?

  • Planning: Planning is essential before compiling a business report. You must plan exactly what you desire to achieve even before compiling the report.
  • Check the format: Before writing the report, one must go through a handbook devised by the company laying the essential points to be written in a report so that you comply well with the requirements of the report.
  • Title of the report: A good title page must be devised which in an instance gives a glimpse of the report at hand.
  • Table of contents: A table of contents must be written in a report. It serves the purpose of the index through which the reader of the report is easily able to find different topics that he intends to read in the report. The topics mentioned are page-specific which is mentioned in the table of contents.
  • Summary: A brief summary highlighting the main points of the report should be written.
  • Give introduction: An introduction should be given which highlights the main purpose behind writing the report.
  • Methods used: One should outline all the methods undertaken for compiling the report. This may include any research methodologies used to create the report.
  • Findings: In the light of the methods used for compiling the report, one must declare the findings which have been determined through research work.
  • Conclusion: Conclusion and recommendations related to the future must also be provided.
  • Appendices: The sources through which you have gathered the information for the report must be stated well.

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