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A business expense report is a form of document that captures all of the most important pieces of information about a business expense. This report defines how much money the company will be returning to an employee which they have used. Company employees complete this report; firstly, they list out expenditures for requesting funds from the business. They compare the number of expenses with the amount of the related receipts. The nature of costs can be airline tickets, meals or parking fees, etc. The business expense report can be made using different mediums like it can be prepared by using accounting software; it can be made through the template in Excel.

The following information should include in business expense and how it look likes

  • It has a purchasing date
  • It has an items list of which item was bought it means nature of the costs and individual cost for that product.
  • It has a total amount of the purchase

It has a total amount of repayment to employees


Watch the video below to see how to modify or create this Business Expense Report in MS Word

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