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On this Page: You can download eight beautiful and professionally designed activity report templates for free. These activity reports can be easily modified in any text editor, although it will be more useful if you edit them in Microsoft Word. So, download these templates, customize them and easily create your activity reports.

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What is an activity report?

An activity report is a summary of a worker’s activities specifically a salesperson performed over a specific period of time. The worker hands over this report to the company’s management.

How to write an activity report?

  • Before writing the report, one should carefully plan the report and also determine the purpose behind writing the report.
  • You must take ample time for writing the report but also make sure that it completes before the given deadline.
  • It is very important to give a structure to your report.
  • Be very honest while you write down facts and figures in your report.
  • Be simple, do not complicate things.
  • Keeping a backup is very important. One must keep a backup copy of the report before submitting the original copy.
  • Lastly, proofread your report so that one can see for mistakes that have been overlooked.

Purpose of an activity report

The sole purpose of an activity report is to keep managers well informed about past, present, and future tasks performed by the salesperson in particular.

Key elements of an activity report

  • Project information: An activity report should include information regarding the key elements of a project. It should also identify the key members working on the project as a team and most importantly the current status of the project should be mentioned.
  • Project tasks: All the tasks related to project completion must be mentioned. It should be mentioned which tasks have been completed, which tasks are currently in progress, and moreover, which of the specific tasks need to be completed timely.
  • Challenges: If a worker is facing any challenges in the timely completion of the report, he should mention it in the report. He may demand an extension in time following the difficulties in completing the report.
  • The tone of the report: The activity report must be written in a truly professional manner. 

Role of an activity report

All the work done by the salesperson helps management gain an understanding of the real market situation. It gives an insight to the management that whether customers are willing to accept their product or not because whenever a salesperson performs certain activities, it writes it down in a report detailing everything. It reflects upon the management the effort and hard work undertaken by the employee in the desire for achieving results. It also shows that to what extent has the salesperson been successful and what percentage of areas need more attention.

The report writer must stick to the point while drafting the report. The report must be kept simple and to the point. It should exclude any unnecessary detail which is not required to be part of the report. Written with sincerity, it should state all the work tasks which were completed well in time and also draft those tasks which require more time for completion.

An employee’s performance level is accessed through this piece of the report which helps management arrive at conclusions.

Activity Report Templates created with MS Word

Find below 8 awesome and professional activity report templates available for you at a single click. All of these activity reports are fully customizable and created at a regular letter paper size.

Quarterly Activity Report

Personnel Activity Report

Monthly Activity Status Report

Monthly Construction Activity Report

Daily Construction Activity Report

Creative Professional Activity Report

Annual Progress Report

Activity Progress Report

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