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What is an Organization Personnel Activity Report?

This report should be based on the employees' actual commitment to the actual activities; these reports must be accounted for at the time of all employee compensation. This includes spending on activities and art aid schemes and leaves (vacation/sick/holidays), which indicates that the number of working hours per day is by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The report should be reviewed and signed by the employees or by a responsible official.

The report must be consistent with one or more periods of pay and be used to reconcile the costs of salaries and benefits in appropriate accounts regularly. The report must be in the form of a table that indicates all the employee activity, cost, Work Periods, Efforts, Description salary, benefits.


  • Organization Name
  • Employee identity information
  • Activity, Work Period, Cost, Benefits, Salary
  • Project details
  • Fundraising details
  • Leave
  • Employee Signature
  • Supervisor Signature
  • Version
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