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The creative professional activity report indicates professional innovation, contributions to the development of the discipline, and exemplary practice. To write the CPA report one has to focus on his CPA and his consideration of the CPA accomplishments since the first appointment. Moreover, there is a need to add the impact the CPA will have as well as its evidence. Lastly, the candidate has to add the five-year goals for CPA.

While writing this report it is essential that the candidate must think about the impact because it is not than peer-reviewed grants and publications. The impact is basically the care that patients get from contributions or clients get from the work. By writing CPA reports one can describe his aim that what he wants to be in the future and how his duties will give positive outcomes. To write an effective CPA report one must practice writing it, write till the candidate is satisfied, and show it to a trusted mentor and head of divisions to get the approval of their report.

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