Best Sales Report Template by Customers and Products

Sales Report is generated on a monthly as well as yearly basis depending upon the nature of the product for which teams are being called in the team meeting and asked to present the crux of sales in Annual General Meeting as well. Sales reports play a vital role in deciding whether to continue with the product for the long run or not. There are the following key factors that are considered while generating a sales report;

Know Your Audience:

As a sales manager and representer, there might be a bundle of information that is relevant to you in order to run an efficient sales curve but we must know what to present in front of the audience and it should make sense even for a layman to understand where do we stand in order to watch our sales of a certain product in the market.

A decision of Time Period:

We must know what deadlines are we quoting in our reports and are they realistic, if yes then we put them in writing in front of the whole audience. Never try to put unrealistic or imaginary timelines of any kind of sales of any product. Once we have quoted a time period of the specific set target, we cannot negate it in our next meeting otherwise it would be considered as a lower performance indication.

Select the Accurate Visuals:

Always keep in mind to look for the most précised and simple diagrams in order to mention the sales curve for any product. Complex and non-explanatory graphs put the sales team as well as the representer in trouble in front of top management and other staff.

Pick the Right Info to Share:

While maintaining a sales report always keep in mind to collect and present the rightful information to share with the audience and make sure all the relevant information has been discussed e.g. goals, set targets, target market, breakeven points, accurate analysis report, SWOT, 4Cs, key challenges, and all required information has been plotted in order to avoid leaving the audience in an ambiguous situation.


  • This report helps managers to track and monitor on how much time his salesmen are spending on various sales activities and he would be very clear about his team’s performance individually by tracking this.
  • Via sales report, they could watch and analyze whether a team is meeting productivity goals through set targets and team’s expectations or not.

Major considerations:

There are the following major considerations at the time of measuring performance for the sales team;

  • Sales Analysis.
  • Targeted Sales Content.
  • Sales Methodologies.
  • Competitive Intelligence.
  • Customer Insight.

Sales Forecast:

Sales forecast helps in analyzing and forecasting variables and ups and downs of sales graph and help to figure out alternates for each group to act accordingly for upcoming challenges in the row. The purpose of this report is to analyze and compare actual results against the established benchmark for each activity.

In these reports, we mention sales reports of calls and caller teams as well for inbound and outbound sales. The whole graph of every individual has been monitored and recorded for the purpose of evaluation. These sales activities are auto analyzed and a further way plan is discussed upon it accordingly.

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Weekly/Monthly/Annual Marketing Manager Sales Report

This report is created in MS Excel especially for Marketing Managers to compile their weekly, monthly or annual sales reports.

Format: MS Excel
Actual File Size: 13.8kb


Sales Report by Customers and Products

This template is created to compile a quarterly report along with a summary of products and customers. There are also separate tabs to generate the top 10 customers and products.

Preview of Sales Datasheet

Preview of Summary by Customers sheet

Preview of Summary by Products sheet

Combined preview of separate sheets of Top 10 Products and Top 10 Customers

Format: MS Excel
File Size: 148 kb
No. of sheets: 5


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