Professional HR (Human Resources) Report Templates

HR report is considered as the most significant report for any organization whether delivered on a monthly or an annual basis. There are the following aspects which are covered in two types of reports;

  • Monthly HR Report.
  • Annual HR Report.

Monthly HR Report:

A monthly report is generated to establish a link between a business along the new talent along with a brief overview collected from the employees on their productivity at work. Following are the main coverage areas for the monthly HR Report;

  • Per Hiring Cost:
    In a monthly report whole analysis is done in order to find the best fit for the desired job and post which should be cost-effective and beneficial for the organization in every aspect of the organization. It helps in hiring the right person for the right job and cuts down the overall cost of the company.
  • Turnover Rate:
    This is one of the significant ways to detect and track down retention contributions towards potential employees by fulfilling their basic worker rights and motivating them with various retention methods in the form of recognition, monetary benefits, etc.
  • Recruitment Process Revamp:
    This process measures and detects flaws in the whole recruitment process which could create setbacks in the working nature of any organization in order to fill in the targeted deadlines. If a flawless process undergoes, it minimizes the excessive workload on a random potential employee just because of the shortage of resources that could not be brought on board because of the gap in the recruitment process.
  • HR Efficiency Ratios:
    This report comprises HR efficiency and productivity measurements like comparison and analysis of HR efficiency in Full-time employees as compared to part-time employees. It also varies the amount of input of a regular resource against the contractual resource in the same work field. Alongside efficiency, ratios measure headcount ratio and practice graphical representation department wise which results in the workload distribution and productivity of FTEs and part-time employees and further plan accordingly.

Sample Monthly HR Report Created in MS Word

This template is created in MS Word with sample data that can be altered with the actual data of your report. Tables and graphs used in this template make it easy to understand and explained to the listeners/audience.

Format: MS Word
File Size: 130 kb
No. of pages: 10


Standard HR Monthly Report Template for MS Word

Cover Page

Sub Pages

Format: MS Word
File Size: 862 kb
No. of pages: 13

Sample Directorate Report Template

Format: MS Word
File Size: 75.5 kb
No. of pages: 13

Annual HR Report:

HR report which is drafted once a year is the most authentic and detailed report which is extracted through deep observation and monitoring of Human resource experts and then presented to the top heads with detailed analysis on all HR aspects both employee as well as employer wise with quoted recommendations and suggestions for each department. A fewer of the major points are discussed below;

  • The rate of Absenteeism:
    Employee’s absence ratio is the most observed and monitored KPI of all in the annual report where every employee’s performance and productivity is aligned with his working hours at work. This ratio helps to find out employee’s dedication and level of maturity towards an organization and its products.
  • Overtime:
    This calculation plays an important role in monitoring an employee’s efficiency and on the other hand work progress flaws. With overtime calculation, we can participate in the distribution of work within employees affecting their annual appraisals too.
  • Employee Productivity:
    Employee Productivity is assessed and monitored via set targets for each employee on a quarterly and yearly basis. It clears the whole scenario and names out top potential employees in each department.
  • Female & Male Ratio:
    A female and male ratio is also diagnosed and assessed on the basis of their behavioral attitude as well as work ethics and graphical representation of potential sex is figured via productivity measurements.
  • Internal Mobility:
    Internal movement of an employee in another department for the sake of job enrichment and enhancement are also monitored and assessed for all rotated employees and then their productivity is compared with the ones who are stick to their department/ position since the day they joined. This analysis helps in measuring tools to enhance motivation in employees.

Annual Human Resource Report

Annual Performance Appraisal Report Template

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