5+ Free Newsletter Templates in MS Word – [Printable & Editable]

It’s the 21st century, ways of marketing are changing, so are the ways of grabbing the client’s attention.

While thinking about ways of doing so you might come across one that is quick, direct, and has a broad reach. Yes, Newsletters!

Businesses today cannot work by simply sticking to their office tables and offering service when contacted. Businesses these days, are the most operative and successful once they have the liveliest, and real-time connection with their clients. It’s like talking to them just like one friend does with another.

To stay in touch with regular clients, newsletters have emerged as one of the most effective marketing strategies. It can be used to gain customers’ attention and update them on behalf of the business. These are used for friendly reminders and information related to the services, products, offers, and important changes. These also push the audience to act according to the instruction in the newsletter such as donating money, helping sign-up for a campaign, or simply get their hands on the latest products.

While social media websites have become the primary source of connecting with clients directly, newsletters are more useful in ensuring brand loyalty and grabbing new customers. Not all businesses use these; however, these can be deemed as the soul of your marketing approach and bring profit and maximize returns.

Download Newsletter Templates for Microsoft Word

On this page, you can find and download some very professionally designed, fully editable, and printable Newsletter Templates, designed in MS Word, for Educational, Business, Promotional, Customer Updates, and Announcement purposes. All of these Newsletter Formats are Free to be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

#1 – Educational Newsletter Template

Educational Newsletter Template for MS Word

#2 – Promotional Newsletter Format

Promotional Newsletter Format - MS Word Template

#3- Customer Newsletter Design

Customer Newsletter Design for Microsoft Word

#4 – Company/Business Newsletter Template

MS Word Company/Business Newsletter Template

#5 – Newsletter Format for Announcement of Updates

Newsletter Format for Announcement of Updates - MS Word

Things in newsletters that offend readers:

A good newsletter will be the one that makes readers believe that clicking on it was not a bad choice and is worth the read. The following points, however, will do the reverse:

  1. Unattractive appearance: Regardless of how out-of-the-world the content is, a poorly designed newsletter will deter the reader. The color tone, layout, font, images, etc. should be thoughtfully designed.
  2. Unrelated message: While a newsletter satisfies the above-mentioned point but contains wrong content for the wrong audience, it’s surely going in the direction. Advertising a group of teenagers on how to invest in businesses is surely off beam.
  3. The right number of newsletters: Monthly newsletters have been found to have the best reach, however, bombarding the readers’ inbox with a newsletter now and then will annoy them. The chances they’d hit the unsubscribe button will be massive.
  4. Monotony: No matter how much someone loves a pet, receiving the same pet-related notifications in a newsletter every month will push the reader away. The content as well as the way it has been delivered must vary creatively each time.

How do newsletters make a difference?

Business isn’t merely about buying and selling, it’s about building a relationship with clients, partners, etc. too. Let’s take you through a few advantages of newsletters:

  1. Newsletters help spread a word faster than the ads do
  2. These help exhibit that the business is going next notch and is aware of all the latest strategies. 
  3. These are versatile and are useful for a wide variety of purposes.

So, the next time the “subscribe to our letter” pop-up appears on your screen while surfing through a business’s website you may not take it as a useless thing and give hitting the “subscribe” button a chance. 

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