10+ Free Name Badge & Tag Templates for MS Word

Imagine being at a marketing event, surrounded by new people, all of them wearing badges that tell their name and designation, etc. It makes it multiple times easier for you to connect with people, exchange thoughts, and stay free from endless introductory sentences. Saves time and energy, right?! The credit for this “apparently” petty effort goes to the event managers.

We would like to highlight what name badges are, how are they an effective communication tool, and what makes an effective name badge, the one that proves useful in every other situation?


Download Templates

Download below Ten beautifully designed Staff Name Badge & Tag formats designed in Microsoft Word for free of cost. All of these are designed with beautiful colors, layouts, and vector graphics that make them compatible to print on paper, cloth, or any other material you want. All of these formats are designed at a size of 1×3 inches (3 inches width x 1-inch width).



















Video Tutorial: Watch the video below to see How to create this Staff Name Badge/Name Plate Template in MS Word




What is a name badge?

Name badges are much more than a mere display of someone’s name, it’s also about other identification benefits.

A name badge is a sticker or a tag worn at specific events, official parties, or other marketing events to help others easily view one’s name. mostly designed out of paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, or metal. They could be temporary or permanent depending upon the use and can be fastened with the wearer’s dress or worn on the neck through a lanyard. There are small details that all come together to collectively create a name badge.

Why is it an important job to create a name badge that serves the purpose right?

While you’re planning for an event it is important that you plan your name badges beforehand too. You cannot expect to simply take pieces of paper and write people’s names on them. It is much more than this, it requires you to put the right design efforts in to make sure people don’t have read your badges with crooked eyes. Visibility and other factors make a great difference.

Designing tips that can make you carve the best badges:

  • Just like we’ve said above, the size of the font you use makes a great deal of difference. The name must not be too small to be difficult to read and too big to look extra.
  • The font style must be very appropriate. Unnecessarily curvy fonts are a big no! In addition, fonts that accommodate longer names must be used.
  • Sometimes, only the name given on the badge is not useful. For others to be able to know you better, your designation, job title, and other details will be a great help.
  • Go for creative designs! Rather than simply chalking out the name on the badge, it is better to go with new designs, colorful prints, and unique shapes.
  • Go for quality badge material! What if your badge tears down mid-event?! To avoid this a durable, long-lasting material such as vinyl, sturdy plastic, and wood is a good option.
  • Popping a little bit of color and design in there might also look nice. If you’re going for larger badges, the company logo, or other related pictures will give a nice outlook.

You might be confusing name badges with name tags, aren’t you?! While these are mostly used synonymously there is a slight difference. Name tags are mostly used for less official purposes to simply display one’s name, badges on the other hand are used to provide detailed information about the wearer.

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