Free 8+ Printable Feedback or Comment Card Templates for MS Word

Why do businesses need feedback, Afterall?

Customers are the biggest asset of a business, no matter which field it is from. Their feedback is highly valued and is considered a great way of improving one’s services.

For a business owner, getting first-hand feedback from customers can help the business decide if the services and products they are providing are meeting the criteria and standards or not and improve them otherwise.

In this regard, businesses make use of various methods for recording the customers’ responses and reactions. One of the most effective methods is using a Feedback card also known as a comment card. This method is especially common in restaurants. These are carefully structured and concise survey forms that are provided to the customers after they are done with their visit. This results in direct knowledge about what areas of the businesses are needed to be improved and also leads to customer loyalty. The customers feel heard and valued.

These are also used in retail stores, hotels, salons, banks, boutiques, clinics, etc., and are used directly most of the time rather than online. These cards are mostly placed at the table or before the customer while checking out, along with a pen to fill the reviews. The reviews are added later on to analyze the feedback.

Download Templates

If you are looking to download printable, and fully customizable Feedback or Comment card templates, then you have come to the right place. You can find below eight nicely laid out formats with beautiful colors in Microsoft Word for different kinds of businesses and services. 7 out of these 8 templates are designed at a size of 5″x7″ and the last one, which is for students, is designed at a US letter size paper.

#1 – Best for For Cab/Taxi Service

Cab/Taxy Feedback Card Template for MS Word

#2 – Business Feedback/Comments Format

Business Comments Card Format for Microsoft Word

#3 – Editable Customer Feedback Design

Editable Customer Feedback Card Design in MS Word

#4 – Printable Hotel Comment Card Template

Printable 5"x7" Hotel Feedback Card Template in MS Word

#5 – Blue & Red Patient Comment Card Format

Patient Comment Card Format in Microsoft Word

#6 – Best for Restaurant

Restaurant Comment Card Template in Microsoft Word (Feedback by the Customer)

#7 – Design for Service Quality

Feedback Card Design for Service Quality - MS Word Template


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#8 – Student Feedback Card Format

Student Feedback Card Format in MS Word

What does a Feedback card usually look like?

It has a simple structure mostly, to make it easier for the customers to add up their opinion in a short time and without difficulty. The field present in most of these are:

  • Customer name, address, email address
  • the approximate number of visits
  • Fields for the services the business wants to learn customer feedback about, such as the taste of the food, quality of the food, ambiance, staff behavior, overall experience, etc.
  • Additional comments or suggestions, etc.

How valuable are feedback cards?

 In the era of social media when customers easily review your services or products even without you asking for them, these are still useful for analyzing the direct needs of the customers.

  • These cards help improve your business for the better
  • Customers feel engaged and worthy and thus are more likely to give more importance to your business
  • These are also recognized as a tool for marketing research


  • Businesses must expect many of their customers to laugh the feedback cards off and use them in a light way for filling the fields with funny responses.
  • This might feel like a detached survey to a lot of people and might consider it as yet another survey that feels useless to them
  •  One of the biggest feelings attached to a comments card is the feeling that there would be no change and effect afterward.
  • The customers might give no importance to these and might fill out these in a misleading way leading to deceptive results.

 Feedback cards should, therefore, be used as a methodology for preventing your business’s downfall or chances of negative word-of-mouth about you. 

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