5+ FREE Meeting Invitation Templates for any Business

What is a business meeting invitation card and what is its purpose?

A business meeting invitation card is simply a piece of paper made of hard cardstock material that is sent out to business officials or colleagues informing them about the details of the meeting. As the name suggests invitation cards are used to invite people and this one is no different just like any other invitation card it is used to invite people to a meeting. On the other hand, while most businesses prefer sending these cards in the hard form they can also be sent digitally via email.

Most remote businesses use digital invitation cards for their meetings. Sending out invites can help the attendees prepare for the meeting and carve out time for the meeting by rescheduling any other event they may have on that particular day and time. It also helps them with the preparation – any questions they may have, travel arrangements, dress arrangements, or any other requirements of the meeting. As the cards contain all the important information about the meeting.

Download Meeting Invitation Templates in MS Word Format


If you are looking for a readymade design to create a beautiful Meeting Invitation for your next business event, then you are in the exact place! On this page, you can download professionally designed invitation card templates, formatted in MS Word format.

Find all of these below along with a download link to get them to your machine.

#1 – Annual Members Meeting Invitation


#2 – Business Conference Meeting Invitation


#3 – Business Lunch Meeting Invitation Card


#4 – Problem-Solving Meeting Invitation


#5 – Webinar Online Conference Invitation


What are some important things to consider while writing invitation cards for business meetings?

Before writing invitation cards for business meetings one must consider the 5Ws of any event which are who, what, when, where, and why. These 5Ws are important as all the information written on invitation cards is about answering these 5Ws. It usually includes the following details.

  • The name of the company and the department or division of the company or it could also be the manager who is inviting so the name of the manager  
  • The agenda of the meeting – what is it about include minutes of the meeting and proper schedule
  • The date and time of the meeting
  • The venue of the meeting
  • The purpose of the meeting – includes details about the benefits and experiences people will get by attending the meeting. Information about any notable guest speakers, workshops, assessment exercises, and refreshments
  • Incentives and special offers
  • It also contains information about the dress code
  • Request to RSVP
  • Attendee’s names if required or if it is a tight-knit meeting
  • Signature and company’s branding – card should end with the official signature of the host and the company’s logo

What are some dos and don’ts of business meeting invitation cards?

  • Keep it simple, clear, and brief
  • Keep an inviting but official tone
  • Share a tip about meeting’s easy access
  • Review your invites and make sure that important information is not missing
  • Provide accurate information
  • Make sure to send the invites well before time so attendees have ample time to RSVP
  • Follow-up on the RSVP
  • Do not forget the company’s branding on the card
  • Ask the attendees to be punctual to avoid wastage of time
  • Mention the exact time of breaks and refreshments

What are some different types of business affairs that require meeting invitation cards?

  • Team meets
  • 1-to-1 meeting
  • Client follow-up meets
  • Presentation meeting
  • Board meeting
  • Annual Meeting
  • Business seminars
  • Official luncheons
  • Award ceremonies
  • Black-tie affair

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