Best & Free Thanksgiving Templates – [Cards, Invitations, Menu]

On this page: You can download beautifully designed thanksgiving templates formatted in Microsoft Word. These include celebration cards, invitation formats, and Menu designs.

With the thanksgiving festival just around the corner, you might be making visits to the nearby stores to buy those perfect thanksgiving cards, presents, and invitations for your loved ones.

Thanksgiving is the beginning of autumn and the holiday season is accompanied by the best of memories for all of us. Warmth, roasted turkeys, feasts – and the best time to enjoy your days off with the ones you love. Autumn brings with it loads of chances to connect with friends and family and sending customized cards and invitations made out of love looks like the perfect way to rejoice in all that is good in life.


Thanksgiving cards:

Cards inspired by orange hues, pumpkins, misty evenings, shedding trees are everyone’s favorite. Thanksgiving cards are inspired by the endless inspirations that one can get from all around himself.

What to include?

This event is all about being grateful for all that you have. Adding a simple, yet the deep message of love and thankfulness for God’s blessings is an amazing way to start a thanksgiving card’s message. It can be accompanied with:

  • Photos of your beloveds
  • Things that you are grateful for
  • Things that made last year as meaningful
  • Things you achieved

However, if you wish to keep it minimalistic, decorating your card with themes such as fall, autumn leaves, pumpkins, food, and heartfelt quotes will just be perfect.

Heartwarming Greeting Card

Happy Thanksgiving Day Card Design in MS Word

Celebrations Card Format

Happy Thanksgiving Card Format in MS Word

Thanksgiving Invitations:

This is all about counting your blessings are rejoicing them with your closest ones. Whether you are conducting an exuberant feast for the thanksgiving evening, or an intimate dinner for the family, the invitation card you design must have a celebratory as well as warm feeling attached to it.

Adding a maple leaf sketch would be a great idea!

What to include in an invitation?

These invitations must clearly define the following:

  • Date, time, and venue of the event
  • Details of the event (such as if it’s a dinner or a lunch)
  • A well-designed logo in accordance with the thanksgiving celebrations
  • Activities that will be included
  • The contact number to which the guests are expected to reply

Family Reunion Dinner Invitation Design

Family Reunion Dinner Invitation Template for Thanksgiving - MS Word

Party Invitation Format

Best Thanksgiving Party Invitation Card Format in MS Word

Thanksgiving Menu:

What’s thanksgiving without food and feasts?!

Traditional dinner for this event is usually composed of foods such as turkeys, pumpkin pies, corns, dinner rolls, cranberry sauces, and much, much more.

A thanksgiving menu card is incomplete without a list of appetizers, main courses, side dishes, drinks, and desserts that will be served. In order to prepare a great menu card for this special day, it is essential to add foods that everybody loves such as apple pies and pumpkins. The border of the menu might be made out of customized designs, and elements related to thanksgiving, such as autumn leaves, twigs, maple branches, nuts, corns, cupcakes, and of course, pumpkins.

Beautiful Menu Design

Beautiful Thanksgiving Menu Design in MS Word


What would make your thanksgiving cards, invitations, and menus appealing?

Keeping your cards simple, elegant, and soothing for the eyes will surely be tempting enough. It’s better to let the exterior design do all the talking for you.

You don’t have to add it all or say it all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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