Holiday Event Flyer created in MS Word

Over the years advertising and promotion has become a very important contributor to the success of any business endeavour. Whether you are heading a large corporation or you are the owner of a small business set up, adversing and promotion is a must activity for every magnitude of business. Managers must plan and select the advertising medium and budget very critically. These days a large number of promotion and advertising mediums and platforms are available in the market. According to the targeted audience and market, the selection of the advertising media should be done. Large organizations are willing to spend a huge amount of money on these activities and efforts, but small especially new start-up companies do not have such large budgets. They look for cheap and low cost but effective ways of communicating their message to their target market. One such method of advertising in low cost but at higher effectiveness and reach is the sales Flyers.

What is a flyer?

This is a small piece of paper or pamphlet that is a type of paper advertisement that helps in wide distribution of a business or general message. This flyer can be distributed through mail or through physical messengers.

Among the various purposes of a Flyer some are given below:

  • For the promotion of a product or service like the holiday event flyer
  • It can be used to communicate a social or political message
  • Recruitment purposes and much more.

A holiday event flyer can help promote the organized event in a very effective manner.

This template has been created using MS Word with beautiful colours and images. All the contents are easily editable and you can print it on an A4 paper after making your appropriate adjustments with text.

Below is a screen-shot of this template .

Holiday Event Flyer


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