7 Shopping List Templates

In today’s world of modern technology and automation, the life of people has become very busy and mechanized. Everyone is busy meeting the goals and objectives that are present in their lives. This rush of accomplishing targets and aims has made people forgetful and a little bit crazy. They often forget some of the most important things in their lives due to their attention focused on some other task or professional job.

Need for different types of Activity Lists:

Do these busy schedules and preoccupied mindset people started to get the help of various types of organizing tools and strategies. Many technical gadgets and smart devices also have these supporting features for the benefit of their users. Some of the most common organizing documents include the following:

  • To-Do List of Routine activities
  • On Job Lists of Daily Tasks
  • Planners and organizers
  • Checklist for various events
  • And many more.

All these types of lists have special kinds of formats. These formats can be searched on the internet. For example, when you go shopping if you do not have the things listed down you might forget to buy one thing or the other and this would require you to go to the market again. It will cost you valuable time, effort, and money. But if you have a shopping list template, all you need to do is assess the goods that you need to buy and add them to the shopping list template. This way you will know exactly what to buy form the market

Below is the list of Shopping list templates along with their preview images and download links.

Grocery Shopping List

This template is created using the MS Office Word tool in a way where you can categorize your grocery items along with their quantity that you are aiming to purchase. Being a printer-free template, you can print it on paper easily while going out for shopping. Have a look at its screenshot and download the link below.



Another Grocery List Template

This template is created in Microsoft Excel with Date, Item Name, Category, Quantity, Price, Extended Price, and Brands Column. Excel calculations are also added to price columns that make it easier to keep an eye on the total amount.


Grocery List Template with Brands Column


Gift Shopping List Template

This list template is specially designed for your gift shopping. MS Word has been used to create this simple yet elegant gift list. You can use 6 columns to list your gift name, idea, color, size, and location. The first column has a box that you check once you are done purchasing an item.


Shopping List Template with Sorting feature

This is a very detailed and organized template created in MS Excel.  You can organize your items with different categories like Dairy Items, Foods, Grocery, meat, etc. The far-right column with different colors is managed to calculate the total of items added in each category along with Gross Total. This makes it very useful for you while creating a detailed shopping list.


Shopping List with Check Marks

This is a categorized grocery list with different columns and checkmarks. You can tick your items once it is purchased. This will help to make your shopping easier.


Holiday Gift Shopping List

If you are planning to go out for holiday gift shopping, then this is the best template for you.

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