5 Useful List Templates – [Word, Excel, PDF]

Whether you want to use the lists for professional purposes or for personal use, these lists will help you take down all the tasks you need to accomplish and things you want to remember.

Tasks List Format

When it comes to managing time properly, many people fail. The reason most people find it hard to accomplish all the tasks within a given time frame is they don’t have a proper strategy to get everything done. The task list designed by a person enables him to enlist all the tasks that he is required to perform in a specific time period. The use of a task list will never let you forget an important task that is yet to be executed. No matter you have complex tasks to perform or very simple, the task list will help you achieve your goals.

Clients List Template

As a service provider, Keeping track of the list of clients is very important to run your business successfully. If you are a professional service provider who wants the clients to be satisfied with your services, you can use the client list. Many organizations also send different newsletters to their clients. The client list enables them to remember each and every client.

The client list includes the name, address, and contact details of every client. In this way, a company gets to know about the geographical location of its clients. 

Inventory List Format

An inventory list is a document needed by a business when it wants to keep track of the inventory available in its warehouse. A company never faces the issue with slow-moving products when it has an inventory list to be used for conducting the effective management of the inventory. With the help of the Inventory list, a business can easily keep track of the items which it is running out of. It can also control the problem of surplus inventory items.

Safety Checklist Sample Template

A safety checklist is used when the inspection of a building or a material is conducted. The checklist includes the list of things one needs to inspect and verify to ensure that a particular building or an item to be inspected is safe. The purpose of using the safety checklist is to ensure that no important thing has been forgotten. Once you finish any of the tasks mentioned in the checklist, check it to indicate that it has been executed.

PDF Version

Bill Paying List Template

A bill-paying list enables the user to keep track of monthly bills. In other words, a bill-paying list helps the user in scheduling the bills so that he does not forget to pay the bill.

A bill-paying list generally includes the list of bills a person has to pay. In this way, the person always remembers which bill has been paid and which is still unpaid. 

Unpaid bills come with real stress. Not paying the bill within a specified time period adds a percentage of the fine to the amount to be paid. Therefore, it is very important to stay on time when it comes to paying the bills.

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