MS Excel Packing List Template

Packing is a very useful document for someone who is planning to move to a new residential or office location in the near future. Also for people who travel frequently and go away for long periods of time, packing can be a very critical and important task. It is of utmost importance that you pack everything in an organized manner and do not forget anything behind that might be of use later on.

  • What is a Packing List?

A packing list is a comprehensive document of all the items and goods that need to be packed and carried from one place to another. As there has been a lot of automation and advancement in the various fields of life, so has the moving and traveling changed over the years. These days there are a large number of packing and moving companies that help you arrange your movement from one place to another as some charges in return. These businesses are very organized and they also make use of packing lists to make their tasks easy and reliable.

Due to the busyness of life and the rush in making things happen, people have become very forgetful and absent-minded. So in order to save both money and efforts, it is very vital to have a packing list beforehand. You can also make your own packing list using a packing list template.

This Packing List template is created using MS Office Excel. There are different category blocks like Clothing, Grocery, Electronics, Medical/Health and Miscellaneous make it easy for you to categorize your items. Make the necessary modifications in this packing list template and use it according to your requirements and needs.

Below is a Screenshot of this template


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