5+ Attractive Wedding Invitation Designs & Formats for MS Word

Right after you’ve tied the knot with your beloved, your wait for the big day begins. With the much-awaited event, the plans get accelerated. Along with these plans comes one of the biggest ever worries for you: YOUR PERFECT WEDDING INVITATION. Everybody wishes their guests to go into awe the very moment they receive your card. Who doesn’t want to have their wedding card stay in the memories of people around them for the longest time!? However, the amount and type of information one must include on their wedding invitation is, for sure, the real challenge.

We will walk you through this journey of your dream wedding card invitation by letting you get a clear idea of what should its structure look like. Don’t worry, these manners are not that intricate.

5+ Attractive Wedding Invitation Designs & Formats for MS Word

Download Wedding Invitation Templates

These are nicely laid out designs, suitable for a wedding of any kind, any region across the world. All of these are formatted in Microsoft Word with high-quality graphics.


Floral Design

Floral Design Wedding Invitation Card Template for MS Word


Spring Theme

Wedding Invitation Format for Microsoft Word - Spring Theme


Best Wedding Invitation Design with Couple’s Photo

Wedding Invitation Template with Photo - MS Word


Beautiful Design with Pink Floral Border

Beautiful Wedding Invitation Template with Pink Floral Corners for MS Word


Elegant and Modern Design

Wedding Celebration Invitation format for MS Word

What should a wedding invitation include?

The first impression that your wedding invitation leaves on the receiver is the theme it contains. The very color tone and overall look it contains tells a lot about your event, even before you’ve delved into the details. Imagine your guest opening up a news bulletin-themed card or a Brand art-themed card. It would explain the mood of your event and communicate how much hard work has been put into it.

Next comes the font of the text. It depends on you as to how informal or casual you wish it to be. It contains:

  • The names of the event hosts
  • The couple’s names
  • A nice, pleasant wording for requesting the guests to attend the wedding
  • Date, time, and venue of the wedding
  • Reception Information
  • RSVP details (might be included on the same or might be provided on a separate RSVP card)
  • Dress code (if any)

What NOT to include on a wedding invitation?

Probably all of us have an idea of the etiquette of what to include, however, the things that must be avoided while designing it are probably ignored. We’ve covered it all:

Unnecessary details:

You’ve surely got tons of information to share with others, and you’re obviously very excited. All good! However, no matter how ecstatic you are, not every piece of information you have needs to be put on your wedding invite. Keep it simple!

A non-uniform font:

With the words going big and small, tilted and straight, the guest might make a wrong image of your event. Keep it very unique but unvarying.

Incomplete details:

While we’ve said that there shouldn’t be extra details added, you must go less on sharing vital details too. The address, location of the wedding event, RSVP details, contact information, etc. must be clearly and completely sorted.

Putting as much thought into your wedding event preparation is going to not just leave a good impact on the people, but rather would make it all happier and more festive for you. It will keep the memories of your big day intact in your brain for the longest time. Even if you have the option of having it all custom-made, a better option would be to put personal effort into it and make it memorable for you.

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