10+ Free Birthday Cards with Wishes & Messages in MS Word

You can easily modify and use these birthday cards because we have created these cards in MS Word with beautiful graphics, vectors, colors, and design layouts. Since these are created with high-quality graphics, you can print these cards to any of your desired resolutions.

#1 – Birthday card for daughter

Having a girl resembles having a more youthful closest companion. Little girls show parents the delights of adolescence and youth’s magnificence, while parents show little girls duty and certainty. Having a little girl is one of the best delights one can have throughout life, except knowing precisely what to get her for her birthday can be inconceivably troublesome. A birthday card or greeting for a daughter should express the syrup of full love with ecstatic feelings like My wonderful Daughter! Smile all day as your day is blissful like you.

#2 – b’day card for son

Son is a valuable treasure for any parent. The day of his celebration on this earth is dignified as well. The greetings and wishes for his day must be unique like him. The birthday card meets the essence of the joy of happiness like he grows up and turns out more excitingly. The card emotions show the pure love reflection of the mother and father for the son. God’s blessings and a mixture of prayers for future goals and desires accomplishing in son’s life could be expressed in a birthday card.

#3 – Birthday card for mother

Heartfelt thanks and many love feelings are not enough to express your love for your mother. At the same time, it’s easy but difficult to think back pretty much the entirety of your mother. Consider the sort of relationship you have with her at present, on this birthday, and attempt to commend that in your message. It is safe to say that she is a major piece of your day-by-day life, and you can’t envision what you’d manage without her?

Is it true that you are a parent yourself, acknowledging like never before constantly, exertion and love go into being the astounding mother she is? Is it true that you are sending a card over the miles, yet at the same time need her to know she’s near your heart?

#4 – b’day card for father

Regardless of whether you are very near your father or miles separated, settling on your father’s perfect birthday message can be precarious. In any case, that is the reason you are here, correct? An extraordinary aspect regarding your father is that he typically does not need you to get worked up about him, regardless of whether it is his birthday.

So you can unwind about finding the ideal words and compose something short, straightforward, and valid. Remember that since birthday celebrations just come once per year, this is an occasion to mention what he probably won’t hear enough. If all else fails, you can’t turn out badly with expressions of appreciation. The heartiest messages don’t need to be excessively genuine that you have a father who likes to keep things light.

#5 – Birthday card for her

Birthday events are uncommon days in the year when we commend our favorite individuals for making another excursion around the sun. That is immense! Furthermore, when it comes to wishing her on her b-day and adding in a welcoming card, she is an excellent method to feel astonishing on her exceptional day. Her birthday card should be filled with sweet flowers and the essence of love. All blessings and welcoming omens for the upcoming year should nicely be carved through the paper as a B-Day card.

#6 – Birthday card for him

An extraordinary relationship can endure the best trial of opportunity and even arrive out more grounded and merrier. Having a caring sweetheart is perhaps the best advantage any young girl could get. His birthday should be uncommon to you for what it’s worth for him.

On most occasions, birthday wishes are seen as a standard; that is why individuals neglect them and settle for presents and shock parties. All things being equal, we are here to promise you that an all-around scripted birthday wish could do the trick.

#7 – b’day card for sister

If you are lucky to have a sister, then you understand the blessings of the bond you share with your sister. On her special day, make her feel special as well. Greetings for blessing should mark on the birthday card showing love and respect as you say to your wonderful sister heartily birthday wishes.

Wishes can be implemented as you say for your best friend because a sister is more than a brother’s best friend. Start writing with respectful remarks and joyous feelings for her day.

#8 – Birthday card for brother

You shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to make your brother glad and show your consideration to him whatever. A brother is the one with whom we have a ton of cherished recollections. Brother is additionally the person who secures you like a defender.

Brothers are the closest companion of family and a lifetime ally to grow up together. Growing up, you might not have consistently been excited that your brother was near. So his birthday surprise must be written with full love and joy moments you make with him.

#9 – b’day card for friend

Another astounding year and another awesome birthday card! Send your dear companion an exquisite and present-day B-Day welcoming card with an amazingly insightful message. Wish an astonishing year to an exquisite companion with a beautiful birthday card.

Send your dear companion the elegant (and delicious!) Dark Chocolate Dreams upbeat birthday wish card to tell them the amount you give it a second thought! Wish them wellbeing and joy in the following period of their life, and remind them to feel achieved about marking off one more year admirably carried out!

#10 – Birthday card for teacher

Send your warm wishes to your teachers on their birthday and offer your thanks with delightful cards. A customized birthday card is something that you can use to communicate your earnest wishes to your number one educator.

In the event that a teacher, educator, or instructor has had any kind of effect on your (or your child’s) life, sending them a customized card is an incredible method to tell them they are valued. Every day a teacher makes the world a superior spot with his/her understanding, information, knowledge, and all the consideration and commitment he/she put into educating.

What is a birthday card?

“Have a Great Birthday!” … A written illustration and featuring an expression of sentiment or best wishes for your beloved one is exemplified as a birthday card. Specifically, it is sent to celebrate their b’day. The sign of cultural traditions expresses the emotions of love you have for the person you will send it to. No doubt, it’s an age of electronic media, and people use to wish birthday wishes as social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, but a piece of card cannot be replaced to express the feelings of sensation.

The interest in sending birthday cards exists for many individuals. b’day cards are a staple in the present culture, and it is critical to show individuals you care by sending a simple actual message that they can keep around as long as they need or need.

Birthday cards deliver both personal and cultural assets. Researches show that ancient Egyptians and Greeks celebrated their specific Gods’ birthdays, but the custom of celebration started from Romans. Birthday Greeting Cards are greeting cards that you send or provide for somebody who might be commending their b’day. It is like a birthday cake. As a whole, everybody loves to get a card, either by hand or by post. For any of your loved ones who have contacted your life in any capacity, a card can passionately interface with them.

What to write in a birthday card?

Casual, short messages are a trendy way to wish for a birthday always as to say “Enjoy your day!” Carving through the b’day cards, some individuals have no difficulty getting a pen and adding a warm, individual message. At that point, there are those of us who some of the time experience difficulty while marking “Happy Birthday” just.

A birthday card must be presenting a warm feeling of celebration and the joy of the birthday person. There are various ways to celebrate with the person. It might be from short to longer wishes. When you want to keep things short, a few saccharine words of greetings are enough to “Wishing you the best all year long!”

Climax b’day wishes can be posted on a card for more milestone wish to the special person. These are the wishes suitable for both young ones and elder ages. Wishes are made on a wide-angle to express gratitude for the year past.

Sharing wishes for your buddy and the best friend, you may write it for the sake of fun and starting with some humor like “Happy Birthday, my favorite pumpkin punk rocker!” ?

Wishing late is better than never! Lucky shot life, memory slip has meddled with the ideal conveyance of a birthday card, send it at any rate. You can incorporate an earnest or hilarious conciliatory sentiment or outline it as your method of expanding the b’day fun!

Sending a birthday welcoming card can help communicate all the feelings with compassion, happiness, love, humor, much obliged, and profound respect.

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