Business Proposal Template

There are various kinds of document templates available on the internet and in software and applications like Microsoft word. These templates may be related to business, education, or any other field of work. Some are function-specific are others are directed towards the general public. Name any document and you can find it on the internet. All you have to do is type in the keywords in the search engine and you will get few options from which you can select the most appropriate template. Here is a brief description of this Template.

What is a business proposal?

Whenever any individual or group of individuals considering starting a new business, they must first draft a business plan or business proposal. This is a written or typed document that is presented to the potential customer with whom you are looking to start the business or get an investment. There are different types of business proposals. These include the basic two types:

  • Solicited
  • Un-solicited

So whenever a start-up business is trying to attract investors or gain a business client they will first send a proposal to the prospective buyer. In many cases, the buyer may himself request the presentation of the proposal. In either case, the business proposal has to be effective and comprehensive. For this purpose, you can take help from this business proposal template. This can be used as a guideline to ensure the composition of a good proposal with positive results for your business.

This template has been created using the MS Word tool. You can make any modification to each part of this to create a proposal for your business. This template has been created to print out on an A4 paper.

Below are the screen-shots of the Main Page as well as a couple of sub-pages along with the Download link to download this template to your computer.

Main / 1st Page Preview


Sub Pages Preview


14 Professionally Laid out Business Proposal Templates with Colorful Cover Pages for MS Word

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