6+ Awesome Bookmark Templates for Book Readers in MS Word

In an era of digitalization, modern reading means, and e-books there are seldom any chances that you would go to your bookshelf and pick one. Reading books in their conventional hardback form has become a rare sight to witness. We all remember how fun it was going through crisp book pages, breathing their scent in while creating memories. Every single page of a book contains a unique strong memory that stays with you.



Use these bookmarks to enjoy your book-reading hobby. On this page, you can download various bookmark templates which we have designed for you with great effort and dedication. All of these formats are designed for 2×7 inch paper size, but you can use them for 2×8, 2×6, or any other desired paper size with slight modifications.

#1 – Create it with your photo


#2 – Get it for a specific book


#3 – Get it with your inspirational quote


#4 – Specially designed for Kids


#5 – Get it with a Specific Author’s Name


#6 – For Schools and their Students


Are bookmarks worth keeping?

For people who have their love for paperbound books still intact, it is always a lot of fun resuming reading from where you left off the last time. Without digging into all the leaves all over again, there is a very easy way, and can you guess what it is? The answer lies in bookmarks. Yes! While many might relate these with a hobby-related choice other know how important it can be to keep a bookmark in the book of your choice. It helps you avoid jumping texts, and going through the hassle of turning pages and pages to get to the lines where you stopped.

Do we need printable bookmarks at all?

Simple and dull pieces of cardboard or plain bookmarks you get from the market can do the job, right?! Then why would anybody need to give printable template ones a thought? There are more than just a few reasons that can justify why bookworms always need MORE of bookmarks:

  • Cute and properly tagged bookmarks prevent you from damaging books through page folding or making marks, etc. Books tagged with bookmarks look nice and clean!
  • Bookmarks that come in unique shapes such as a worm, lamplight, etc. look inviting and might make it easier for you to become an avid reader.
  • These for many are a part of their hobby and make great collectibles and gifts besides their regular usage.

What are the many different kinds of bookmarks that you can download and edit through our website?

Many different bookmarks can be downloaded and customized according to ones liking and mood. A few options to explore are:

  • Keeping it all blank and minimalistic
  • Simple using one that has been colored your favorite shade
  • The one with your fav cartoon character
  • The one that reminds you of your favorite person
  • The one that writes a motivational quote that sparks a new spirit into you every single time
  • The one with a design that intrigues you and goes with your overall personality. For instance, a person who loves monsteras might keep his room theme and his bookmark all green and “forest-y”
  • The one that provides you enough blank space to jot down ideas that keep knocking your brain while reading the book
  • The one with a message that helps you remember the special someone who gifted you the book or the bookmark
  • Most people will love bookmarks that have inspirational quotes on why books are their best friends
  • Many will like keeping one that depicts your favorite illustration from a movie or animated film.

As explored above, there are many different ways you can make bookmark keeping fun and show the brilliance of your choice.

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