Transform Your Look: Download 30+ Redken Shades EQ Color Charts Now

Welcome to our Redken Shades EQ Color Chart page! Here you’ll find a comprehensive collection of 31 different Shades EQ color charts that showcase the full range of colors available for this popular demi-permanent hair color line. Whether you’re looking for subtle highlights, lowlights, or a bold new shade, these charts provide a visual reference to help you choose the perfect Redken Shades EQ color for your hair. Use this page as your go-to resource for all things Shades EQ, and get ready to achieve beautiful, natural-looking color with the help of Redken’s high-quality formulas.

Fellows belonging to the haircare and salon industry, people obsessed with haircare, and those aiming to look for a solution to hair concerns or grey hair might be familiar with the name “Redken”.

Redken can be recognized as a popular New York-based brand owned by Loreal Paris as a part of its product division. Redken has been widely recognized as a famous, trustworthy brand with a broad range of haircare services and products. These products are known to cater to the needs of people with varied hair issues and needs.

Acquired by the giant of the cosmetic industry Loreal Paris in 1993, Redken is a company producing products for sensitive hair through its “Scientific Approach to Beauty.”

Specifically talking, salon owners and professionals associated with the haircare and fashion industry are more aware of the brand. it offers hair colors, hair glosses, hair glazes, shampoos, and other hair styling products.

Download Redken Shades EQ Color Charts and Hairstyle Guides in PDF Format


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What is Redken Shades EQ color?

One of the most popular hair care products by Redken is its Redken Shades EQ color hair gloss. This is a service offered by large salons and allows you to get a touch-up for your hair. If you’re someone wishing to go for a hair color change for the first time. Fret not! Redken’s Hair Gloss is the option you ought to choose.

The formula infused with amino acids promises to color and condition the hair at the same time rendering them shiny, soft, and frizz-free. It is a demi-permanent hair gloss that can last for up to about 24 shampoo sessions that provides a gentle, temporary hair color change. It is easy on the hair and can be transformed easily once you change your mind.

Grocery aisles are packed with companies and companies providing a huge variety of hair color options, however, what makes Redken’s stand out is its easy application, convenient maintenance, and easy removal.  You can refresh your hair color, get rid of unwanted tones, add up a statement in your strands, and get the perfect shine. It literally takes only about 20 minutes to add its acidic effect on the hair, that too without disrupting the disulfide bonds.


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Shades EQ: The Demi-Permanent Hair Color for Perfect Results

Demi-permanent hair color is a great choice if you’re looking for a low-commitment way to add depth and shine to your hair. Redken Shades EQ is an outstanding demi-permanent hair color option that has a reputation for creating stunning, natural-looking results.

Not only does Shades EQ enhance the color of your hair, but it also gives it a gorgeous glossy, and reflective finish. That’s why many people refer to it as a hair gloss.

If you’re thinking about trying out Shades EQ, it’s a good idea to peruse a hair color chart to get a sense of all the available shades. Redken offers a vast array of Shades EQ colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

To ensure that your hair stays looking fantastic after using Shades EQ, it’s crucial to use the appropriate hair care products. Redken has a line of products that are designed to work perfectly with Shades EQ, so you can maintain your gorgeous color and healthy hair.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of Redken Shades EQ, it’s worth checking out other hair color products from Loreal Paris. As a well-known brand in the hair care industry, Loreal Paris offers an array of high-quality hair color products that could be perfect for you.


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How can one choose what Redken shade he/she wants?

Do you believe you are a color-correcting pro or someone who can stand before the mirror, and correct your hair, or give them an altogether new look by yourself? Do you work for a salon and are appointed for providing the best hair services to the clients? Do you own a salon and want to leave the best impression on your clients with unique hair services? Then Redken has the problem solved for you. Its Shades EQ hair gloss charts can be easily downloaded in PDF form and printed.

What are Redken EQ color charts used for?

The color charts are a hair professional’s ultimate guide on what color services are to be provided to their clients based on what they ask for. When a client asks for a nice and demi-permanent (easy to take off) hair gloss or glaze, a Redken shade chart can be shown to them.

These charts are varied based on the product line. Every product has a separate color chart that makes it easier for you to give a reference to the clients to ensure what they want. These are openly and freely available on the internet for these products under the shades EQ line:

  • Shades EQ Gloss
  • Shades EQ Bonder inside
  • Shades EQ cream and cover plus
  • Shades EQ Color gels lacquers
  • Shades EQ processing solution
  • Shades EQ pro-oxide developer, etc.


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Achieving Your Dream Look: Using Redken Shades EQ for Stunning Results

Transform your hair with Redken Shades EQ: Expert Styling Tips, Ideas, and Maintenance Advice for a Flawless Look.

Styling tips:

  • Apply Shades EQ on dry hair for better absorption and saturation.
  • Use Shades EQ alone for a subtle color change or mix it with another hair color for a more dramatic effect.
  • Apply Shades EQ all over the hair for a uniform color or use it strategically to create highlights or lowlights.
  • For a trendy look, try a balayage or ombre effect using Shades EQ.
  • Use Shades EQ to tone blonde hair and neutralize brassy tones.

Styling ideas:

  • For a natural look, use Shades EQ in a shade that matches your natural hair color to enhance shine and depth.
  • Use Shades EQ in a brighter shade to create a bold and vibrant color for a fun and edgy look.
  • Mix different Shades EQ colors to create a unique and personalized color.
  • Create dimension and depth in curly or textured hair by using Shades EQ to add highlights and lowlights.
  • Use Shades EQ as a hair gloss to enhance and refresh the color between color appointments.

Tips for maintaining the color and keeping hair healthy:

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent color fading and keep hair healthy.
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to nourish and moisturize the hair.
  • Avoid using hot tools on the hair as much as possible to prevent damage and color fading.
  • Protect the hair from the sun and chlorine by wearing a hat or using a protective spray.
  • Get regular trims to keep the hair healthy and prevent split ends.


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Using Redken Shades EQ Color for Different Hair Types

Choosing the right hair color for your hair type and texture can be challenging. With Redken Shades EQ color, you have a wide range of shades to choose from that work well with different hair types. Here are some recommendations for selecting the best Shades EQ color for your hair type.

Hair TypeBest Redken Shades EQ ColorStyling Tips
Blonde Hair09N Cafe Au Lait or 09GI HamptonsUse Shades EQ to tone blonde hair and neutralize brassy tones.
Brunette Hair05N Walnut or 07N MirageApply Shades EQ all over the hair for a uniform color or use it strategically to create highlights or lowlights.
Red Hair06CB Rich Cashew or 06R Rocket FireUse Shades EQ alone for a subtle color change or mix it with another hair color for a more dramatic effect.
Gray Hair09V Platinum Ice or 09T ChromeApply Shades EQ on dry hair for better absorption and saturation.
Curly Hair08C Cayenne or 06NB BrandyCreate dimension and depth in curly or textured hair by using Shades EQ to add highlights and lowlights.
Fine Hair09NB Irish Creme or 09P Opal GlowUse Shades EQ as a hair gloss to enhance and refresh the color between color appointments.

Remember, these are just suggestions and the best Redken Shades EQ color for your hair type may vary depending on your personal preferences and desired result. Always consult with a professional stylist for the best advice on hair coloring and maintenance.

How can one acquire Redken Shades EQ color swatch books?

Redken Swatchbooks is a brilliant way of providing a reference to how each of the EQ shades would look on real hair. These are very accurate or are very close to the real hair colors and small samples for clients. Redken shades EQ color swatch books can be purchased from Similarly, these can also be downloaded from the ‘Redken style station app’ to compare these color swatches through your phone, computer, or tablet.

What do Redken Shades EQ charts look like?

EQ color charts begin by providing a table that has several rows and columns. The columns provide the color tone options, while the rows provide various color shade categories with the level of color deposit. This level ranges from 1 to 10. The color tones include blue, titanium, green, gold, violet, etc. whereas the color shades range from black to brown to blonde. In the middle of the table, the results of these mixings are shown to have names such as volcanic, pewter, granite, mirage, brandy, cream soda, toffee, etc.

In addition, a standard EQ chart contains:

  • Mixing and processing instructions
  • The color-to-developer mixing ratio
  • Uses
  • Time for application
  • Special instructions
  • Features and benefits (such as pH value, durability, ammonia-free formula, presence of amino acids, presence of silicone, processing, and service time.)
  • Services provided by each of the EQ products (such as adding up gloss in your hair, refreshing, restoring, and adding new colors, correcting over-lightened, brassy, or overly vibrant tones, or adding lowlights as per need.)

How to apply Redken Shades EQ color products on the hair?

Application of the products for the provision of services to your clients is one thing, explaining it to the clients is another. Whether you have a client coming to service for having their badly damaged hair repaired, or for having their already maintained hair get a little changed, their demands can be only once their needs are known and the process explained.

With the help of formulation guidelines provided on the color chart things become easier for both you and the client. It helps you in:

  • Determining the client’s natural hair tone
  • Understanding the needed tone
  • Selecting the right shade from the chart

Similarly, the hair care application’s best processes include:

  • Pretreatment process
  • Application process
  • Cross-checking
  • Timings

EQ charts, therefore, help you mix, experiment, and expect various shades from the EQ product line and ace the haircare niche like an expert!

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