Award Certificate Template

A certificate is a formal documentation that is utilized to attest to the efforts and performance of an individual. These certificates may be rewarded as an award to employees of an organization or students of an educational institute or any other field of work. It is recognition of a person’s efforts for a particular cause.

Many organizations provide their employees with award gift certificates that are awarded for the completion of the set goals and achievement of the targets.

Advantages of presenting an award certificate:

There are several benefits and advantages of giving out award certifications. Some of the important benefits are as follows:

  • The presentation of this certificate to an employee helps boost his moral and keeps him motivated for best efforts in the future as well
  • This is a recognition of his hard work and dedication towards the particular cause of work
  • The award certificate presented to a person acts a good reward for him and makes the achievement of his targets and goals a fruitful effort with some honorable return at the end
  • It helps create a sense of competition among various employees and students
  • With the interest of getting such a certificate at the end of the job completion, the people are more likely to work hard

The award certificate may be used for different purposes. Different forms of this template are available to the users. You can make the required modification in the award certificate template and use it for your own purpose and objective.

This template has been created using MS Word. Have a look at the screen-shot below along with its download link. The attached zip file contains both .docx and .doc formats so that you can use it in any of your appropriate version.


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