Stars Award Certificate for Performance

Certification is a formal attestation of any act or a particular fact. It is mostly done by an organization or a professional or credible individual.

  • What is a Certificate of Appreciation?

A certificate of appreciation is a formal attestation of an achievement or accomplishment of a particular goal or objective with flying colors. It is an award for recognition and rewarding the efforts made by an individual for achieving the stated targets.

  • What is a three stars award certificate?

One gets a very good feeling on doing something that is appreciable. When the person continues to do the good job and there is an acknowledgement for doing that job, the doer feels that his efforts are recognized and appreciated by others. In most of the educational institutes especially at the early classes, this appreciable of good work is given by the presentation of a golden star to the student.

At an organizational level this golden star takes the form of a three stars award certificate that is awarded to an employee for his hard work and accomplishment of goals and objectives. Such achievements make the employees very happy and motivated to do more. The three stars award certificate template should always be available in an organization so that it can be used whenever desired and at all levels of management. When the three stars award certificate template is available in your own computer, you can simply make the required changes and present it to the deserving employees at the appropriate times.

This Stars Certificate for stunning performance template is created using MS Word so is very easy to customize. Find a screenshot of this certificate as below


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