Sample Business Conference Agenda template

As the business activities and processes have become more and more formal and systematic, some tasks and documents have become a standard operating procedure of doing business. There are many activities that are specific to departments or functions while some are common to the over organization. The purpose of doing these activities may also differ from each other while the basic purpose accomplishing company goals for profit maximization remains the same. One such common activity in a business entity or company is a conference.

What is a Conference?

Conference is a formal meeting between employees or any other participants of a business activity like customers or suppliers. All the participants or members of a conference have some common interests or goals. Mostly conferences take place on regular intervals of the business cycle.

Conference Agenda:

Whenever a conference or meeting is organized by a company, it must ensure the development of a formal agenda of the conference. This conference agenda is the basic goal or purpose of organizing the formal meeting between various members and participants. Various organizations draft conference agendas on their own formats and sequences. Large number of conference agenda templates is available in various software  and websites and can be used a good source of guideline. You can also make your own conference agenda template and use it as a base for future references. Some common benefits of conference agenda are:

  • It keeps the direction and discussion of the participants focused
  • The goals and objectives of the conference are well defined and understood

Wastage of time and resources is avoided.

This Business Conference Agenda template is created using MS Word Office tool in professional layout. Everything there is easily manageable in tabular format categorized by Meeting Title, Called By (Name), Date and Time. You can find a screen-shot of this template below.


Use the link below to download this template

Donload Business Conference Agenda Template

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