Class Student’s Contact List

This is the era of science and technology. Every household has been given the power of the internet and computers through mobile phones and smart devices. No household is complete without these gadgets. Rather their survival in the present time becomes difficult if isolation from these things is adopted. For this reason, information and communication have become a key factor in the development of human lifestyle and routine.

School Information Centers:

With the sophistication and advancement in every field of life, educational institutions have also become much more advanced and hi-tech. Due to the proliferation of information and technology, every school now has its own database of student information and data. These were previously saved as text documents were written down by hand and saved in large physical folders. But now most of the information storage is done of soft copies and databases. Every school has its own information center and data warehouse.

Class Contact List:

Among the various sections of the schooling institute, the class segmentation is most prominent. Every class has its own set of documents and files. One such piece of information is the class contact list. This list has all the contact information of the students of that particular class. Basic contents of the class contact list include:

  • Name of students
  • Telephone numbers
  • Mailing addresses
  • Email addresses
  • House and office address of parents
  • Emergency contact numbers

Every school has its own format of class contact list but the basic elements in most cases are the same as above.

Below is a screenshot to see how it looks


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