5+ Free Editable Quotation/Quote Templates for MS Word

A business document in which the seller promises to sell the products on a specific date at a specific price is known as the quotation. This document has a lot of importance in a business. In many situations, this document also states the terms and conditions on which the seller is willing to sell his products.

A quotation template is also provided by a number of websites in order to help people write quotations easily. This document is an effective tool for people wanting to write the quotation without putting extra efforts

Cleaning Quotation

The cleaning quotation is used when you want to quote a cleaning job. If you are a cleaning service provider and your client has asked to quote the charges of the cleaning service. Writing the cleaning quotation depends on how you do charge your clients. This document provides the details such as the type of cleaning service, the duration in which you will finish your job, the cost of each service if you are to provide multiple services, and a lot more.

About this Cleaning Quotation Template

Being developed in MS Word, this template not only saves you valuable time but also provides you with a fully developed format that you can use to send your quotations to your clients in a professional manner.

At the top of this template, you can enter your or your company’s name, address, contact number, and email. If you have a logo, you can put one here. Below that, you can write your client’s name, address, and contact number. On the left side of it, you can write information about this quotation. Such as number, date, client number, etc. You can then write a little description of your work in which you can tell your client how you will do your job and how to provide the best service to your client. You will then write your work and the products used in it one by one and write its unit price, quantity, and total on each line to complete.

Watch the video below to see how to modify this Cleaning Quotation template in MS Word

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Project Quotation

The project quotation document is designed by the contractor upon the request of the client. He is required to write the terms and conditions on which he is willing to work. It should be kept in mind that once the terms and conditions have been specified, the contractor is strictly bound to follow those terms and conditions.

The services and the cost which have been agreed upon between the contractor and the client is mentioned in the project quotation.

About this Project Quotation Template

This project quotation template is designed in two columns with a beautiful layout. You can put your logo on the top left side and write your or your company’s description on the right side. Below this, you can write the name of the project, quotation number, date, number of your client or customer, and the name, address, and contact number of the person to whom you are sending this project. In addition, if there is any detail that you deem necessary to enter, you can also enter it here. In the right-side column, you can enter the details of the project items, their quantity, and price. You can enter the details or terms of the payments and any other terms and conditions below.

Watch the video to see how you can modify this Project Quotation in MS Word

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Service Quotation

The individual service provider or the business providing various services to customers is asked to create the document of service quotation upon the request of the customers. In this document, an itemized list is prepared in which different services along with their prices are mentioned. While writing this document, the service provider ensures that the list of services he prepares is relevant to the customer so that he can find it useful

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Sales Quotation

The sales quotation is a document prepared by the seller when the buyer requests him to let him know the cost of every item and several other details. If the seller does not know the exact price of the service or product because sometimes, the price can vary, he can write the estimated sale price.

Although for the buyer, the price of the goods to be bought is important information, it is not the only important information.  The quantity of the products as well the professional attitude of the seller with which he writes the quotation also matters a lot.

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Construction Quotation

The construction quotation is an important document for a construction company when it wants the clients to know about the construction services to be provided, the detail about the material to be used over the construction period, the cost of each item, and lots of other details. It is very difficult to estimate the exact construction cost. This document generally includes the estimated cost.

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