MS Word Purchase Order Template

The internet is a vast and most of the time free source of information and useful material. It is used for not only educational purposes but also for business and professional uses. People from all walks of life make use of the internet to find information and data that they might for different tasks and activities.

Many people use this source to find templates of various types. These templates can be utilized to draft different documents that are used for professional offices and organizations. One such document that is very important for any business entity is Purchase Order.

What is a Purchase Order?

This is a business document that is used for commercial purposes. This is the first document that is issued by a purchaser and given to the seller. It is a comprehensive document that contains the following elements:

  • Types of products and services that are needed to be purchased
  • Model number or product code of the product or service
  • Number of items ordered
  • Agreed upon prices of the products of services
  • Delivery terms and mode of payment

How Purchase order works:

When this purchase order is accepted by a seller, it is considered to be a binding contract between the two transacting parties. No obligation is established until the time the purchase order is accepted. You can download this purchase order template from the link below and use it according to your needs and requirements. Small modifications and filling your proper information in the purchase order template will surely fulfill all your needs.

Find the screenshot of this P.O below


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