65+ Free Contract and Agreement Templates for MS Word

What is an agreement?

The word agreement is defined as an arrangement between two parties that takes place after much negotiation and which binds the two parties legally as a result of some course of action. In an agreement, one person makes an offer of something to another person and the other accepts the offer, this acceptance of the offer is known as an agreement.

Characteristics of an agreement

Two of the major characteristics of an agreement are:

  • More than one person
  • Consensus ad idem
  1. More than one person: For an agreement to take place there must be at least two persons as only one person cannot enter into an agreement by promising himself something.
  • Consensus Ad Idem:  The word Consensus Ad Idem is a Latin word which means “co-occurrence of minds”, i.e. both the parties making the agreement must agree upon the terms and conditions of the agreement with mutual understanding. They must understand their respective duties and responsibilities throughout the period of the agreement.

Elements of an agreement

Two main elements of an agreement are:

  • Offer/proposal
  • Acceptance
  1. Offer/Proposal:  In an agreement, a person makes an offer to another person by expressing his willingness to undergo an obligation in return for a promise. The person who makes the offer is known as the offeror and the person to whom the offer is made is known as the offeree.
  • Acceptance:  When the offeree gives his consent to the offeror by agreeing upon the terms and conditions of the agreement it is considered as acceptance.

Types of an Agreement

Some of the types of the agreement include the following:

  • Service Agreement
  • Construction Agreement
  • Rental Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Sales Agreement
  • Payment Agreement

Service Agreement

It is an agreement in which one party normally a supplier agrees to provide certain services to the purchaser better known as the client in return for remuneration.

#1 – Academic Consulting Agreement

#2 – Cabel Installation Service Agreement

#3 – Comprehensive Service Agreement

#4 – Fabrication Services Agreement

#5 – Fire Protection Service Agreement

#6 – Gardening Contract

#7 – Operations & Maintenance Agreement

#8 – Pest Control Service Agreement

#9 – Photography Service Agreement

#10 – Professional Client Service Agreement

#11 – Retention Incentive Service Agreement

#12 – Sample Brokerage Services Agreement

#13 – Sample Independent Contractor Agreement

#14 – Sample Personal Service Agreement

#15 – Sample Service Agreement

#16 – Security Guard Service Agreement

#17 – Service Level Agreement

#18 – Shared Living Contract

Construction Agreement:

A construction agreement is an agreement that sets out the date and also specifies the time duration needed for the construction process. It normally takes place between the owner of the project and the person who has agreed to complete it in a given time with the available resources.

#19 – Construction Consultant Agreement

#20 – Engineering Procurement and Construction Agreement

#21 – House Construction Contract Between Owner and Builder

#22 – Project Consortium Agreement

#23 – Residential Sub-Contractor Agreement

#24 – Road Construction Agreement

#25 – Sample Construction Contract

Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is defined as the contract of rent between the owner of the property and the person who is willing to acquire the property for a temporary period of time. A rental agreement defines the parties involved, the terms of rent and the amount to be paid as rent.

#26 – Commercial Lease Agreement

#27 – Equipment Rental Agreement

#28 – Flat/House Sharing Agreement

#29 – Property Management Agreement

#30 – Rental Agreement

#31 – Residential Leasing Rental Agreement

#32 – Room-mate Agreement

#33 – Warehouse Rental Contract

Partnership Agreement

It is termed as a legal document that describes the way a business is run and also tells the relationship between each partner in detail.

#34 – Club Partnership Agreement

#35 – Joint Venture Agreement

#36 – Limited Partnership Agreement

#37 – Mentoring Partnership Agreement

#38 – Partnership Agreement Form

Non-Disclosure Agreement

It is defined as a legal contract involving at least two parties who wish to share confidential information or material with one another for a specific purpose and access to which is restricted. Non- disclosure agreement is also known as a confidentiality agreement (CA), confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), proprietary information agreement (PIA), or secrecy agreement (SA).

#39 – Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

#40 – General Bi-lateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

#41 – Multi-lateral Confidentiality Agreement

#42 – Mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

#43 – Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

#44 – One-Way Non-Disclosure Agreement

#45 – Sample Confidentiality Agreement

#46 – Standard Confidentiality Agreement

Sales Agreement

It is an agreement through which one party known as the seller agrees to give something to the other party known as the purchaser in exchange for a certain amount of money that the purchaser has agreed to pay.

#47 – Asset Sales Agreement

#48 – Exclusive Importation and Sales Agreement

#49 – Land with Structure Agreement for Sale

#50 – Livestock Sale Agreement

#51 – Master Purchase Agreement

#52 – Preliminary Sales Agreement for Real Estate Property

#53 – Sales Contract Agreement for Transfer of Work of Art

#54 – Sample Direct Sales-Rep Sales Commission Agreement

#55 – Sample Sales Employee Agreement

#56 – Stock Purchase Agreement

#57 – Used Equipment Sale Agreement

#58 – Vacant Land Contract of Sale

Payment Agreement

The payment agreement dictates a plan of installment to repay the outstanding balance over a defined period of time. Normally these types of agreements take place when the amount to be paid by the debtor is huge so the creditor facilitates the debtor by allowing him to pay the amount in installments taking into account the debtor’s financial condition.

#59 – Correspondent Credit and Payment Agreement

#60 – Employee Offset Payment Agreement

#61 – General Payment Agreement

#62 – Payment Plan Agreement

#63 – Payment Plan Contract

#64 – Payment Settlement Agreement

#65 – Third-Party Vendor Contract

How to write the format of an Agreement/Contract

The following points must be considered when writing an agreement:

  • Contact information of both parties.
  • Location/state whose laws apply to the agreement.
  • Terms and conditions of the business relationship.
  • Terms of payment.
  • Start date of the agreement.
  • The end date of the agreement.
  1. Contact Information of both parties: The most important part when going into an agreement is to know the contact information of all the parties involved in the agreement. Contact information will contain the name, address, and phone number of the respective parties.
  • Location/state whose laws apply to the agreement:  It must be made very clear before making the agreement as to whose laws will apply to the agreement. Whether it be state laws or any specific laws which are limited to a certain location.
  • Terms and conditions of the business relationship: The terms and conditions that would apply to the business must be drafted and understood before establishing the agreement by all the parties.
  • Terms of payment: The terms of payment must between the parties must be decided prior to entering into the agreement. It must be decided that whether on completion of the work full payment will be given or half of or it will finish off in installments.
  • Start date of Agreement:  The date on which the agreement is effective must be decided and written therein.
  • The end date of agreement: The date when the agreement will dissolve should be mentioned and the same should be communicated to each party involved.

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