21+ Free MS Word Invoice Templates for Personal and Business use

An invoice is a time-stamped document between the buyer and the seller. It contains the list of things along with their prices. It specifies the terms of the deal and provides information about the payment method and the price of specific goods or services.

It maintains the record between the buyer and the seller so that both are well aware of the services. It generally outlines the payment method, unit costs, shipping, and handling during the transaction. It contains the unique invoice number along with the bar code which is useful for tracking the bill.

This document is generally known as the bill which the particular store gives you at the time of the purchase. Invoices keep the person in touch with the local rates of the specific product in the market so that one can remain well aware for the next time. Invoices are commonly printed on paper so that both buyers and sellers keep a record of the services they had with each other.

Download 21 Free Invoice Templates for MS Word

Download professionally designed Invoice Templates with modern and elegant layouts at the links below. All these templates are created in Microsoft Word. You can easily modify any of these with an average knowledge of using MS Word.

#1 – Web/Graphics Design Services

This is a receipt of any purchase of web/graphics services made by an individual reflecting the price. In this invoice for web/graphics design service, the company usually places its logo along with its name at the top. Below is recorded the name of the individual who has taken the web design services. Towards the right side of the name, the date of purchase of the service is mentioned.

Afterward there comes the breakdown of all the services taken by the individual along with the individual price of each service taken. Hence the total of all individual items is calculated which becomes the total cost of hiring the services.

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#2 – Photography

It is defined as the receipt given as a result of taking photography services from a photographer. The price for a single photo is declared upon the individual before taking the photography services. It starts by having a printed logo and the name of the photographer’s company.

Below is the name of the person taking the service is mentioned with the date on which the service was taken. As mentioned above, the price for a single click is disclosed to the client so the total cost of photography services is calculated depending on the number of photographs developed.


#3 – Vehicle Sale

A receipt declaring the price at which a dealer purchases a vehicle from the vehicle manufacturer. The dealer normally sells the car at a rate that is above the rate mentioned on the invoice in order to attain maximum profit. But some dealers will sell the vehicle at a price that is either close to or lower than the mentioned price.

#4 – Traveling Services

Travel invoice is referred to the request of payment made to a customer after receiving guidance on travel from a professional agent. This may be generated for a number of services like ticketing, hotel bookings or phone, etc.

These agents help you plan your tour by providing guidance to you for all things related to your travel. They help you in getting yourself a hotel that would best suit your budget, a location where you would be at ease. They help you by doing your travel research on the place where you are willing to go. 

#5 – Small Business Sales & Services

A small business refers to any local shop in a locality serving the needs of individuals living in that locality by selling them the basic necessities of life. These business owners require to keep a record of their sales and this is done by keeping invoices of the sales. A small business sales invoice refers to any purchase of goods made by an individual from the business owner.

It reflects the things purchased along with the quantity in which they are bought. The total cost of sales is calculated by adding up the prices of individual items sold from their store.

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#6 – Sales Invoice

A sales invoice is a receipt of the purchase of either goods or services by an individual from a certain shop or store. It shows a breakdown of all the purchases made by the individual along with their individual prices. The date of purchase is also mentioned on the receipt. Any special instructions given by the buyer are also written in it. This document also declares any terms and conditions on which goods are sold. The sales invoice also mentions the name of the store along with their contact number for future reference. 

#7 – Sales Invoice with Tax and Shipping Details

#8 – Sales Invoice with Minimal Design

#9 – Real Estate Consultancy

Like any other consultant the real estate consultant also takes a certain amount as a fee for his advice and guidance given to an individual with respect to either purchase or sale of certain property, this fee is termed the consultancy fee which is reflected in the consultancy invoice. In this document, It is mentioned that whether a property was purchased or was it given for sale for which the individual had acquired the services of the real estate consultant has paid a certain amount as the fee for consultancy service. The date on which the deal was completed is also mentioned.

#10 – Pro Forma

A pro forma invoice is defined as the sales bill sent to the buyer prior to either shipping or delivery of goods. This reflects the purchase made and other important information regarding the purchase. It also mentions the weight of items being shipped and the total cost of shipment.

The expected day and time of delivery are also mentioned unless any unforeseen circumstances occur. The date on which the goods will be shipped for delivery is also mentioned. The name and address of the person to whom the goods are to be delivered are also mentioned. 

#11 – Plumbing Services

A plumber is a person who installs, repairs, maintains, and fixes piping that is used in the distribution of water. He also looks for any leakages present in the water distribution system and fixes them. As an expert in his field, he also charges a fee for his services. These are mentioned in detail in the plumber service invoice.

In the invoice, it is written whether something was repaired or whether a totally new thing was kept intact in place, according to which charges are calculated. They may take nominal charges if something of a lesser degree is done. 

#12 – Hotel Stay & Service

Hotels are developed to ease the accommodation of persons who come to visit a certain place for a specific period of time. People who stay at hotels pay charges not only for their stay at the hotel but also for the services the hotel provides them. These services may include food delivery to your room, washing your laundry, and also ironing them. The bill for hotel stays and services is generated when the individual wishes to check out of the hotel. This bill is known as the hotel stay and service invoice.

The bill will include the hotel name at the top. Below it will be written your name. The day you checked in and the day you checked out will be mentioned therein. The cost of stay at the hotel will be calculated by adding the cost of services you have taken. 


#13 – Best for Freelance Writers

Freelancers are individuals who work for themselves rather than being a part of a company or organization. These individuals do take up projects by a company on a contractual basis but in the end, they are believed to be individuals who are self-employed. Freelancers do get paid for the work done for their respective clients. They normally get paid after they had finished the project given to them by their client. This payment normally comes in the form of an invoice which can later be used for tax purposes. The payment terms are decided prior to starting any writing.

#14 – Freelance Service

A freelancer is a person who offers his services for a certain amount of fee. It is not necessary that they do so for a single client only but depending upon the working relationship the work can be ongoing. It is believed to be a form of self-employment.

They are usually given a particular project by a client who after completion of the project promises to pay a certain amount to the freelancer for his services. This payment is made in the form of an invoice which declares that the following individual has been given a certain amount of money for offering his services as a freelancer. 

#15 – Electronic Repair

An electronic repair invoice is a receipt that discloses that a certain amount of money has been paid by an individual to a repair and maintenance person for repairing his electronics. In the document, the name and address of the store owner are mentioned. Below is written the invoice number. Underneath is mentioned the name of the person who has contacted the store for repair service. The name, make and model of the electronics to be repaired are stated. The total cost of repair is also written along with any advance payment if made by the individual for having his electronic repaired.

#16 – For Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency is defined as a resource that offers to provide a wide range of marketing services under one roof. These agencies are approached when a business lacks the availability of in-house expertise within them. The agency is targeted at managing a large number of clients but its foremost goal is to increase the sales of products and services through its countless efforts.

The client is to make payment for services received from these agencies. This payment comes in the form of an invoice. It does so by having a breakdown of services and then calculating the total cost of services.

#17 – For Construction Business

A construction invoice is defined as a document in writing which reflects a business contract related to a developmental project or a building. These specify the materials used for construction and the cost of labor used in the completion of the construction.

They provide a breakdown of all the materials inculcated for the process of construction. These invoices are proof of your construction services rendered for the completion of a particular project. Payment is normally made at the end of the project completion and if any advance payment has been done before, it is to be mentioned therein. 

#18 – Computer Sales and Service

When you are in the business of selling things to people and also providing them with after-sales service then you surely need to back up your business transactions. These business transactions are backed up by individuals in the form of invoices.

The invoices have the dealer’s contact number and address written on them. If they have any logo, it is also added somewhere on the page. For having any computer sold, the dealer mentions the make and model of the computer along with the price for which it has been sold to a customer. In doing so if the dealer by any reason has provided his services like installing and updating the new computer with the latest technology, the price of which is also mentioned on the invoice

#19 – Charity Receipt

A charity invoice is basically an acknowledgment of payment received by an individual by a charitable organization. People normally donate to charitable organizations in the form of cash so that the best use of it can be taken. In order to have a record of all the charitable money received as a charity, the charitable organization prints a document in the name of the donator which is basically proof of a certain amount of money given by the donator to the charitable organization. It is kept with both the donator and the charitable organization for future reference. 

#20 – Business Sales

A business Sales invoice is a stamped document that not only shows but also records a business transaction between a seller and a buyer. Usually, goods and services are bought in cash but if they are bought on a credit basis then it must be specified on the invoice and the mode of payment must also be disclosed. Whenever a business sells or purchases anything from a customer, it needs to get paid for goods or services delivered. It does so by requesting the customers to pay the amount through invoices. 

#21 – Blank

There are different kinds of invoices based on the goods or services provided. Below is a list of a few commonly used terms.

Sale invoice

It contains the lists of items the individual purchase from the particular store. The sale invoice is available in printed form. The format includes the company/store logo at the top, lists of purchases in the middle, and the total bill at the end with pleasant remarks. It is made up of a special type of paper that defines its beauty with a lovely glow.

Service Invoice

Invoices are of different types, designs, varieties, and forms. Service Invoice is mandatory when we get some kind of professional, educational, design, non-profit, creative, technical, information technology, or any other service. It can also include the lists of specific parts whose service is done plus the demolished parts which are replaced by new ones. Invoices play an important role in defining daily expenditures.

Hourly Invoice

The paper contains the lists of working hours per rate known as Hourly Invoices. This keeps the record of how much time the person worked and how much the rate per hour varies. The individual works and get the incentive of that but the way of keeping the record of that is managed by the invoices.

Tax invoice

tax invoice is that which is sent by the enumerated dealer to the buyer showing the amount of tax owed. It includes the description, quantity, value of goods and services, and the tax charged. Also, it contains details of various products with their prices. We are highly keen on providing invoices that cast a magnificent influence on the environment. 

Invoices are supportive in everyday life. It alerts the person about the deals he had done in the past. The end line usually contains the disclaimer about the copyright claim. The beauty of the invoice shows its uniqueness through its appearance. We are unique in providing invoices that are dynamic in their appearance and grab the attention of the people. Our main focus is to provide the type of invoices that are up to the mark and serve the interest of the people and the outside viewer.

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