20+ Fully Customizable and Printable Calendar Templates for MS Word & Excel

A calendar is the system of organizing days for administrative, religious, and social purposes. This system is divided into the days, months, years along the prominent dates and the official holidays in the year. A calendar is published in the month of the upcoming year and is hung on the walls, tablets, and the notice boards. The main objective is to provide a calendar that suits the walls of your offices, homes, schools, restaurants, cafes, and buildings.

Calendars are made of highly unique paper and other material that adds beauty to your surroundings. It is the list of planned events, managed as a record of proceeding in the future. Designs of calendars vary in different varieties to show them exclusive among others. They also enhance the beauty of the place when hanged on the wall.

Calendars can be of different types based on their use in our life. You can find some of those below along with customizable and printable templates that we have created for you to make your daily work easy and time-saving.

Month Calendar

This arrangement shows the 30, 31 dates in the month. It is useful when there are occasions and events in the current month. This arrangement of days as a proper record is known as a Monthly Calendar. The monthly calendar helps you to keep account of the monthly schedule and we tend to provide the monthly calendar on time with an adequate price. 

Beautifully designed MS Word Month Calendar template for 2021

Folding Month Calendar Template in Pretty Black & White Layout with Front and Back Design

Front Side Preview

Back side Preview

Month Calendar Template with List of Achievements on Left Side

Month Calendar Template with Important Notes

Month Calendar Template with Outstanding Team Members of the Month

Month Calendar Template with Your Favorite Quote

Year Calendar

The year calendar is divided into 12 months as a different part. Each part is subdivided into further dates. Year calendar is the one that is used when we want to keep the record of the events that happen in the current or upcoming years.

Year Calendar Template in Beautiful Floral Design for MS Word

Year Calendar Template with Inspirational Quote

Year Calendar Template with List of Achievements made throughout the Year

Year Calendar Template with Key Notes

Year Calendar Template with Best & Leading Team Members of the Year

Year Calendar Template for 2021 in Beautiful Colors and Design

Week Calendar

A Week calendar shows the weekly appearance in the form of the reminder if installed online otherwise it’s the appearance on the wall that reminds you of the happening action in the surroundings. We are highly keen on providing the calendar every week that casts a magnificent influence on your environment.  

Week Calendar Template with the Checklist of Important Tasks

Weekly Assignment Calendar Template

Shift Work Calendar

The shift work calendar keeps the person in touch with the shift start and shifts end projects the whole day. This helps him to know about the working days which releases the stress of the person and he shows some interest in his work.

Shift Work Calendar Template for MS Excel

College Year Calendar

The college year calendar is the one that is made at the beginning of the yearly session for the students. This calendar recalls them about their sessional, mids, and finals.

College Year Calendar Template with Appointments

Assignment Calendar

The assignment calendar is helpful for people of all ages. This shows them the pending tasks assigned to them by the due date. So, every individual needs to keep the calendar with him.

Weekly Assignment Tracking Calendar Template for MS Word

Appointment Calendar

The appointment calendar shows the dates in which the particular company appoints the workers in the office. Also, it keeps the record of their appointing dates and helps in maintaining their revenues. People desire to keep our appointment calendar to mark their important meetings and appointment. 

Weekly Appointment Calendar Template for MS Word

Daily Appointment Calendar Template

Events Calendar

The event calendar contains the dates, days and month in the tabular form. It reminds you of the particular event happening shortly so that you can get prepared for it. 

Event Schedule Planner Template for MS Word

Calendars are very helpful in everyday life. It alerts the person about the events and the occasions happening shortly. Calendars are of different designs; it includes the wall-prints calendar or the table calendar which is used for official purposes. Also, the designs of calendars show their uniqueness in their appearance.

We are unique in providing the calendar that is known for its dynamic appearance that grabs the attention of people. Some calendars have the reminder strip which shows about the forthcoming event. The distinctiveness of the calendar makes it feel unique among all. We focus to provide the calendar up to the mark and serves the interest of the people. The calendar design is colossal and has a sparkling effect on your homes, offices, schools, restaurants, cafes, and buildings. Our calendar enlightens the life of individuals so that they can plan a daily schedule. 

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