MS Word Year Calendar with Notes

A year calendar with notes comprises a basic calendar with the dates, days, weeks, and months like an ordinary year calendar, however, a yearly calendar with notes has additional space to write notes on the day or date, the week, or the month.

A year calendar comes in many different designs and styles and is usually used for organization, to remember certain dates, and to write down different tasks which need to be carried out. These calendars are bought usually right at the beginning of the New Year or towards the end of the past year.

The different types of year calendars with notes include:

  • Lined Month: A monthly calendar with lined small boxes for notes.
  • Lined Week: A lined weekly calendar. Every page has one week
  • Twelve Months with Room for Notes: The calendar comes in one page only containing all the months and next to each month there are a few lines, usually 3-4 lines
  • Six Months with Room for Notes: every page has 6 months.
  • Three Months with Room for Notes: every page has 3 months
  • Lined Month with Room for Notes: One page for every month
  • Pure Notes for a Month: Contains a full line for each day of the month.
  • Important Dates for a Year: Important events can be noted down for all the year to come.
  • The year with Room for Notations: Enough space is provided to write down note for each day.

This calendar template is designed in MS Word with lined months and the quarterly basis on a page. Each page contains 3-month columns along with an additional notes column that you can use to put additional notes. The last page of the template has an additional optional table to write down your Events, Deadlines, or Important Tasks.

Below are screenshots of every page of this calendar

First Page: Jan-Mar Quarter

Second Page: Apr-Jun Quarter

Third Page: Jul-Sep Quarter

Fourth Page: Oct-Dec Quarter

Last Page: Additional Events, Dates, Summary


Download This Calendar

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