Payment Voucher for MS Word

For the successful and smooth operations of a business, the entity is very important that there should be some written down rules and regulations called standard operating procedures. These cater to different activities and functions of the business and all employees are required to abide by these standard operating procedures.

Apart from the steps and activities themselves, every process or task in the organization is required to have a supporting document. These are official documents that must be generated whenever an action takes place in the business entity. Such documents may be general for all departments or function-specific. One such document is a Voucher.

Definition of a Voucher:

This is a document that is mostly used for accounting purposes. This is generally created whenever a cash transaction takes place within or outside the business entity.

What is a Payment Voucher?

A payment voucher is a business document that is used to record a cash transaction between two parties. This payment voucher may be utilized for several purposes in a business entity. Some common uses include the following:

  • Recording of a cash transaction
  • Taking the role of a receipt
  • Indication of approval of payment of an invoice

The payment voucher is a very important and useful document in small and large businesses. Every organization has a standard payment voucher for all its transaction. Its format may vary. This voucher template is created using Microsoft Word on a letter size paper and can be used as needed.

Below is a preview image along with a download link to view and download this template

sample payment voucher template for microsoft word



Watch how you can create or modify this Payment Voucher in MS Word

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