MS Word Cash Receipt

There are large number of documents that are prepared in an organization for support and record keeping. Some of these documents have become standard operating procedure that all employees must follow and abide by. While carrying out any activity in the business entity, these documents must be prepared as a supporting evidence for later on. One such document is a professional cash receipt template.

What is a Cash Receipt?

This is a very common accounting document that is used to record the cash that is received through the sale of a product or service. This document has been prepared in businesses since a long time. Initially it was prepared by hand whenever there was a cash transaction in an organization through sales. But after the computerization and automation of the business processes, this document is mostly printed in all organizations.

The cash receipt can be of different formats with some basic principles in common. If you want to draft your own, you can download this sample template and use it as a guideline. There are various advantages of having a cash receipt document, some of which are presented below:

  • It helps provide a record of the cash transaction for accounting and auditing purposes
  • It can be used as an evidence for future purposes
  • It helps make things systematic and organized
  • It is a proof of making the actual sales to another party.

Hence it is a very useful document.

This sample cash receipt template is created using Microsoft Word in a very professional layout. Black & White colors are used to make it printer-friendly. You can print at least 3 receipts on a Letter size page.

Below is a screenshot and download link to download this template.



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