18+ Professional Analysis Templates in MS Word and Excel

Conducting analysis is a major part of a business because it helps the business in evaluating various things. After that evaluation, a business becomes capable of making the right decisions. There are many types of analysis that are generally conducted in a business. A few of them are:

Cost Analysis

A business that wants to keep track of its costs can conduct a cost analysis. For any business that wants to determine the cost of input and output in order to keep track of the profit it makes, the cost analysis is the best approach.

With the help of cost analysis, a business can determine the ways to rearrange the costs in such a way that it can play a very positive role in increasing the productivity of the company. Whether you want to determine the variable cost or a fixed cost, the cost analysis technique can be helpful for you in either way.

MS Word Cost Benefit Analysis Template


Cost Analysis with Sample Budget and Guidance

Cost Analysis Template created in MS Excel

Market Analysis

When it comes to assessing the market, the user is required to have insight and knowledge of the market. The assessment of the market includes both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The assessment of the market is not an easy job especially for those who are new to it. There are different factors that are required to be considered for conducting market analysis. Some of the common factors to be considered include the volume and size of the market, buying pattern of the people, competition in the market, and a lot more

Product Market Analysis Template

Market Research Progress Report Template

MS Word Analysis Template to Prepare a Sales and Marketing Plan

SWOT Analysis

For any business to flourish in the relevant field, it is very important to stay aware of its weaknesses and strengths. With the help of SWOT analysis, a business can see the opportunities open to it for progressing and the risks that it may face. Any business that wants to make the best use of its available resources and capabilities should conduct a SWOT analysis. When you are able to understand your strengths and weaknesses in a better way, you can take several steps that can ensure that you are managing everything right

General SWOT Analysis Template in MS Word

Sample SWOT Analysis Case Study for a Resort

MS Word Simple SWOT Analysis Template

MS Excel SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Key Points & Example

Need Analysis

As a matter of fact, every business has many needs. It is not possible for a business to meet all its needs without knowing what needs it actually has. Need analysis is basically a complete process through which a business can not only determine its own needs but also the needs of its customers that are required to be fulfilled by the product the business is launching.

MS Excel Management Training Needs Analysis

MS Excel Staff Training Needs Analysis

Needs Assessment Template in MS Word

Microsoft Word Training Needs Analysis Template

Risk Analysis

Every business has to face many risks. A successful business is always able to face those risks with courage and the right techniques. Management of the risks a business faces is possible only when the business is able to assess the risks ahead of time.

Risk analysis is a process, in which a business takes several steps to determine the type of risks it is facing, the techniques to cope with those risks. A business is also able to deal with the competition with the help of a risk analysis technique  

Risk Analysis Template for MS Word

Risk Management Plan Template with Beautiful Cover Page

Sample Risk Analysis Report with Professional Title Page Design

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