Professional Statement Templates for your Business – [MS Word, Excel]

Statement templates are generally used for accounting purposes when the details are required to be documented. These statements play an essential role in a business. There are different types of statements that are used for different purposes.

Some of the common business statements are:

1- Financial Statement:

You may be aware of different financial statements such as cash flow sheets etc. No matter which way you are going to use, the purpose of every statement is the same. A financial statement is a widely used document that is used to record all the financial activities that took place in a specific time period. Record keeping is an important task of business without which a smooth working of a business is not possible. This enables the business to perform record keeping.

Financial Statement Template created in MS Excel


Editable MS Excel Version

Printable PDF Version

Financial Statement Template with Itemized Schedules


MS Excel Version

PDF Version

2- Billing Statements:

There are different scenarios in which the billing statements are used. However, the most common use of this is often seen by the credit card companies that prepare and send the billing statement to their customers each month in an attempt to let them know the total amount the number of transactions they have conducted, the amount which is due and lots of other details. The billing statement is generally sent at the end of each month that includes the credit card activities of the person of the whole month.


MS Word Version with Placeholder Data

Blank PDF Version

3 – Cash Flow Statement:

The cash flow statement is one of the best tools to examine the financial health of the company. This statement is used to keep the record of the incoming and outgoing cash of the company. With the help of a cash flow statement, a business can easily see whether it is making a profit or not.

While creating the cash flow statement, a business conducts the analysis of how a business is operating and what are its investments. There are several other financial activities that are also recorded in the cash flow statement.

4 – Profit and loss statement:

The profit and loss statement is not just an account sheet. Rather, it is used by different businesses as a tool that enables them to see the revenue, cost, profit, and loss of the business in a summarized way. With the help of the profit and loss statements, it can be easily seen how a business is generating revenue.  

This is important for the investor who is thinking to invest in a business and wants to see the capability of the business to generate profit.

Monthly Profit & Loss Forecast Template

Yearly Profit & Loss Template

5 – Income statement:

Just like the profit and loss statement, the income statement is also used to keep track of the revenue generated by a business. A business can easily keep track of its expenses and lots of other details that are needed by a business to keep an eye on its expenses. In this way, a business can easily take the necessary steps to reduce its expenses in an attempt to earn more. The income statement is also needed by the tax departments of the state.

Income Statement Template for MS Excel

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