General Survey Template Created in MS Excel

The internet and computing world has become one of the largest sources of information and data in the entire world. Anyone who wants to search for any kind of information just enters the keywords in the search engine and gets thousands of related results to choose from. It has data and information related to a large number of subjects and fields. Rather there is hardly any part of human life that is not explained on the internet and its archives.

One such very popular field that is used by internet users is the huge collection of various document templates available on the internet. There are different kinds of formats and templates present including educational, professional, official, and even those related to household activities. One such commonly used template is the survey template.

What is a Survey?

The literal meaning of a survey is examining something from a close distance. It requires making observations and studies about a particular subject. In more common terms, a survey is a method of gathering information and data from a sample group of people. The survey is done mostly for a specific cause or objective and the sample group is also selected depending on that objective. You need to draft the survey questions according to the survey template.

Uses of Survey:

A survey may be used for various purposes including the following:

  • Educational
  • Proving a hypothesis
  • Commercial especially marketing surveys
  • Business
  • Scientific
  • Statistical
  • And many more.

This survey template, created using MS Excel, is a very useful form of information gathering process.



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